Tunde Ogunleye had himself a hot boy summer

Tunde Ogunleye

Tunde Ogunleye

Summer is officially over, but some summer seasons are still wrapping up across UH Nation. The Westchester Draft League wrapped up last night, and it ended with Tunde Ogunleye’s second championship of the summer.

Ogunleye has been dominating every UH league since he started playing in the Winter of 2015. He’s played in 115 games and won seven championships, so most of his seasons have been a success. This past season has been the apex of Ogunleye’s UH career thus far, as he won the New York National Tournament with FMB last month, followed by a draft championship last night with Man Down., as they defeated Massa Coastal 76-68.

Winning a national title and a league title in the same season is not a common feat for any UH player, but it’s even rarer for a player to get two titles and dominate the way Ogunleye did in both levels of competition.

Let’s start with the first title of the season, when Ogunleye helped lead FMB to a national title in August. He put up 19.4/5.4/4.2 with a shooting split of 49/52/75, good enough to give him a PPR of 16.6, eighth-best in the tournament. He was completely dominant in the tournament, and even though he was fighting through injury in the championship game, he was still able to put up 13 points in 15 minutes, shooting 5-9 from the field. He was arguably the best player in the tournament (making him an easy choice for the All-Tournament Team), and the only player that was on his level was his teammate, and eventual Tournament MVP, Spencer Smith.

There was no argument for who the best player on Man Down was, as Ogunleye led the league in points (36.7) and rebounds (13.5), and had an absurd shooting split of 64/51/79. He played in six games in Westchester this season, and Man Down went 6-0 and won those games by an average of 18.2 points. There wasn’t one game where he wasn’t dominant, as his lowest scoring total this season was 31 points, and his worst shooting percentage in a game was 52%. His lowest PPR this season was the 37.7 he put up in the championship game last night, with a stat line of 38/9/3 on 13-21 shooting form the field. His PPR of 44.8 this season is good for tenth-best in the country this season.

A couple weeks ago we named All-Time UH Teams for five different regions, with New York being one of them. Anthony Leo included Ogunleye on that team despite just clearing the 100-game requirement. His stats and overall resume were too much to deny,and that was before he added a seventh title last night. The run in the Westchester Draft League this season just proves that the decision to put him on that team was justified.

Ogunleye played in 11 games this summer, went 11-0 and won two championships; all while dominating every time he stepped onto the court. You may have had a good summer, but I can guarantee Ogunleye had a better one.