Who will win the title in Baybrook? The best player or the best team?

Over The Hill Gang

Over The Hill Gang

The Baybrook Summer Draft League championship is set to take place tonight, with Over-The-Hill-Gang, looking for back-to-back titles, taking on Baybrook (real original team name, guys).

Over-The-Hill-Gang comes in as the favorite, as they have a combined 18-1 record in the two seasons the Baybrook league has been running. The one thing that will give Baybrook hope is that the one loss that OTHG has suffered came against Baybrook, a 72-69 game in Week 2.

That game was an accurate example of how Baybrook’s season has gone, as they have heavily relied on Zach Hamilton. He scored 44 of Baybrook’s 72 points (61%) in that win, which is just above the 58% of Baybrook’s points that Hamilton has scored this season.

This sets up a matchup between the best team going against the best player. Hamilton is leading all of Ultimate Hoops in scoring this season, putting up 50.8 a game. That production hasn’t slowed against OTHG, as he’s averaged 50 against them in three games. Clearly OTHG won’t be able to slow him down, so it will come down to Hamilton’s teammates to add production. The second-leading scorer for Baybrook is Christian Mactavish, who’s averaged 14.8 points per game. In games against OTHG, he’s averaged 8 points. Baybrook will need a full team effort to win the title tonight.

OTHG is a much more balanced team, and it’s led to them being the second-highest scoring team in the league (behind Baybrook), and leading the league in points against, rebounds, assists, steals and blocks. Seven of their eight players average 8.5 points or more a game, with four players averaging 12.4 or more. They are led by Adam Toler, who’s averaging 24.2 points per game, and is one of only two players that has played all nine games for OTHG this season (along with Stacy Choate). Toler’s production hasn’t dropped much against Baybrook, as he’s averaged 23.7 in the three games they’ve played this season.

It will be interesting to see if Hamilton and Baybrook will be able to dethrone OTHG and their dominance on the young Baybrook league. To get you even more hyped for this matchup, take a look at the preview video put together by Baybrook League Coordinator, Ray Ingram, with photos from Michael Williams.