Update: The Laguna Draft League is still amazing

Michael Cox

Michael Cox

A few weeks ago, I wrote a story about how amazing the first three weeks of the Laguna Draft League were to start the summer season. There were nine games played in those first three weeks, and those games were decided by an average of 7.22 points.

Week 6 was held last Wednesday, and while there were two games that were decided by over 10 points (rare in Laguna this season), there was a rematch for the ages between Kash Money and Reincarnated.

In the first matchup, back in Week 2, Kash Money won an overtime thriller 88-81. They met again last week, and Kash Money once again got the better of Reincarnated, 80-77.

There’s a video in the UH Laguna Facebook group of the final 1:38 of the game.

With just over a minute left in the game, Peter DeCasas buried a 3 to tie the game at 77. Jacob Havron set a devastating pick, and Michael Cox didn’t switch quick enough to contest DeCasas. Cox would make up for it on the other end, as he grabs his own miss and puts it back in for the game-winning shot with 27.4 second left.

After a miss and a 1-2 trip from Cox at the free-throw line, Reincarnated has a chance to send the game to overtime with a 3. A double screen from Havron and Matt Sweany brings multiple defenders to DeCasas. Sweany smartly pops from the screen and has a wide-open 3, but it hits off the front rim and Kash Money holds on.

These matchups are always interesting because not only do two of the best teams get to play each other, but the two best players in league square off in Cox and Havron. Cox leads the league with a PPR of 41.0, while Havron is in second with a PPR of 35.4. They were both on full display again in this one:

Cox: 32/19/6, shooting 14-27 from the field.

Havron: 32/15/5, shooting 15-27 from the field

I think I speak for all of Laguna when I say I hope we get Kash Money vs. Reincarnated 3 in the playoffs.