Charlie Farber celebrates his 400th win with an easy victory

Farber (38) helping up a teammate

Farber (38) helping up a teammate

Charlie Farber played in his 400th Ultimate Hoops game last night, and he got to celebrate it with a victory, as Houdini got a comfortable 104-73 win over Rudedogs in the Green Valley Rec League.

Farber recorded a double-double of 13 points and 14 assists, adding four assists and three blocks.

Farber’s first game in Ultimate Hoops was on Januray 7, 2015. He scored 11 points in an 84-68 win for Houdini in the Green Valley Open League. His first game got him his first win, and his 400th game got him his 285th win, giving him a winning percentage of .713.

It took him 1,665 days to get to 400 games. We’ll see how long it takes him to get to 500.