2019 HALL OF FAME NOMINEE: Dustin Dupont

Dupont playing in the inaugural Dream League season in 2016

Dupont playing in the inaugural Dream League season in 2016

Dupont’s consistency in UH Minnesota has earned him his second straight nomination for the Hall of Fame. His numbers continue to impress, but it’s his championship pedigree that continues to get him nominated.

When he was nominated last year, he had seven championships to his name. In the time since, he’s won three more championships in two different leagues to put his total up to 10. His Rebels are coming off back-to-back Bloomington South titles and are looking for a three-peat in the spring.

Not only has Dupont had a bunch of success in Minnesota, he’s also brought home a championship at the national level. He won the inaugural National Tournament in 2011 with Saints+ in Chicago. Dupont scored 14 points on 6-9 shooting and added five rebounds, five assists and five steals in the championship game.

His career stats speak for themselves when compared to the rest of the elite in UH. He has the most assists (64 more than Hall of Famer Chase Skinkis) and the most steals (235 more than Hall of Famer Ryan Jansen) in UH history. He’s done this all in 657 games, the fifth-most played in Ultimate Hoops.

Four different nominees out of Minnesota got inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2018. Dupont will look to join that list in 2019 and join longtime Rebels teammate Ryan Jansen in the Hall this summer.