Darius Jones scores six points and earns Player of the Week honors in Baybrook

Darius Jones

Darius Jones

Zach Hamilton has become a household name in the UH Baybrook community, and that’s earned him attention at the national stage. He had a sensational debut season, averaging 52.4 points per game on 51% shooting from the field. He’s followed that up with 41.7 points per game on 48% shooting this season, a slight let down, but it’s hard to live up to the high bar Hamilton set himself.

Part of being a star is that you can make a star out of someone else. That’s what happened last week in Baybrook, as Darius Jones earned Player of the Week honors for slowing down Hamilton at the end of an 82-78 win for the Cougars in Week 3.

“In a hotly contested game, a game in which his team was trailing 71-70 with 1:45 remaining, this player made it his mission to see to it that someone other than Hamilton would have to win the game for Baybrook. He played some of the best on/off-ball defense that I have witnessed against a very good offensive player,” Baybrook league coordinator Lauritz Ingram said in a Facebook post in UH Houston honoring Jones.

Jones had a final stat line of six points on 2-9 shooting with three rebounds and one assist. Those are not numbers that will typically earn you Player of the Week honors, but offense is just one half of the game. If you can defend the best player in the league and prevent him from scoring, it can be just as good as putting up points yourself. Credit to Jones for slowing down Hamilton in a clutch time of the game, and credit to Ingram for giving Jones the honor.