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GREEN VALLEY REC: Week 1 Predictions

By Michael Palmer | Green Valley Media Associate

Houdini vs. The Industry

Two teams that are very familiar with each other will look to start the season with a win as Charlie Farber and Houdini will face Derek Adkins and The Industry. Houdini scores at will, but The Industry struggled a lot last season scoring. Andreas Vasiliu will be a key guy for The Industry and the point, as well as Adkins of course.

Marciano Brunette will be a key weapon for The Industry down low and let's see if Jim Reilly will suit up for Houdini. If he does, Brunette will have a tough task of containing him, but he has gone against bigger guys a lot and Brunette's strength in something special. Houdini's Michael Carboni will be a target for The Industry as he lights it up from downtown. Until I see some big-time scoring against top-tier teams for The Industry, I have to pick Houdini.

Prediction: Houdini -4

Sweet "D" vs. Lifetime Lakers

Shawn Monegan and the Lifetime Lakers will look to move above once and for all this upcoming season as they'll battle it out against Dylan Ellis and Sweet "D". If Chris Mellor returns to suit up for the Lakers, this will be an aggressive ballgame. What the Lakers need to do to have a successful season is take smart shots. They tend to shoot way too many 3s, but they make that up with their superb transition offense.

Andrew Power bounced around between multiple teams last season and Sweet "D" could really use him down low. Cody Howard and Kenny Oakley will most likely return for Sweet "D" and I really want to see Jordan Kingsley have a standout season. Austin Welch's speciality for the Lakers is his corner 3, so Sweet "D" needs to watch out for him. This is a tough one for me to pick, but Monegan has most of his guys back from last season; they should pull this one off.

Prediction: Lifetime Lakers +3.5

Diplomats vs. Knicks

Patrick Guerrero and his Diplomats will square off against Nick Guidice and the new-named Knicks (formerly the Wynners). This will be a highly competitive game as Guidice brought in some key guys last season, and will he do the same this time around? Brenton Van was the biggest addition by far for them last season and the Diplomats will need to be careful with guarding him down low. If Andrew Power returns for the Diplomats, he'll have the task of trying to contain Van down low. I want to see the Diplomats' Johnston Daniels be more aggressive and shoot the ball a lot more. I know that Guidice will rack up 3 after 3 and carry the Knicks to a well-deserved victory.

Prediction: Knicks -6

Gandonians vs. RudeDogs

Guess who's back? Back again. James Rice of the RudeDogs is making his RudeDogs return after sitting out the fall season and man will he be a difference maker for sure. His presence down low will have an immediate impact in this one and watch for the RudeDogs to feed him down low. They are also returning shooters in Ben Carey, Adam Rellah and D'Andre Henderson. Nick Beam will be a key guy for them all season, especially on the defensive end.

For the Gandonians, they were the Artsakah Kings last season and there leader was Andrew Sookiassian and Brendan Graves. Let's see how many guys return for them as this will be a tough game for them. They need rto somehow stop Rice in the paint, but he will be too much to handle.

Prediction: RudeDogs -13.5

SUNZ vs. Free Agents

There's not really a whole lot to discuss in this one as these are the bottom two ranked teams in the league, but could both teams have a bounce back season? I'm sure we'll see the duo of Joseph Roselle and Craig Sutter return for the Free Agents, as let's see if the SUNZ can stop the fast-paced Free Agents scorers. Will we see Cris Cockrell come back for the SUNZ. We'll wait and see, but if he does, I have the SUNZ winning this one.

Prediction: SUNZ +5

Bye week: TD Rayguns and Dyme Pieces (playing in championship game tonight)

Preseason Power Rankings

1. Dyme Pieces

2. TD Rayguns

3. Houdini

4. The Industry

5. Wynners

6. RudeDogs

7. Lifetime Lakers

8. Diplomats

9. Sweet "D"

10. Gandonians 

11. SUNZ

12. Free Agents