After a Long Layoff, Who's Ready for Playoffs?

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WESTMINSTER: Quarterfinals Predictions

By Greg Loomis | Westminster League Coordinator

No. 1 Fire Squad Elite vs No. 8 Hand Down...Man Down

Hand Down...Man Down is going to have their hands full with Fire Squad Elite as the No. 1 takes on the No. 8 seeds. Fire Squad has fire power in Zach Snyder, Tyler Converse and Omar Juarez. Zach handles the boards and inside game as Tyler's shooting has been as hot as a flame. Four times this season he was a top player of the night and up his scoring by 10 points this season. Omar had a slower season letting everyone else get it done but he’s still a problem for anyone. Oh Boy is going to need to body on each one of those guys plus hoping Greg Loomis is going and at least Nader Nizam or Micheal Muran. That's the three that has been around most games and has the most chemistry. Oh Boy is going to have to keep it close, they are ranked fifth in points allowed but Fire Squad is the top scoring team in the league. Pretty sure we will know by halftime if it’s a game or not.

Predictions: Fire Squad hasn't taken it easy on anyone this season and I don't see it starting now. Fire Squad by 13.

No. 2 Impact Basketball vs No. 7 Bucket Getterz

This should be an interesting game if the Bucket Getterz can get the jump on Impact Basketball to try and keep it close.   Bucket Getterz have some heat in Myron Puryear and Jarrett Green, both can get buckets. Daniel Prieto is going to need to keep Andre Hines off the boards and try to get him in foul trouble early. Impact just needs to do as they do (move the ball and play some D). They are first in points allowed and will knock down some shots. Imran Sufi might have the duty of taking Myron and Beau Barney may need to guard Jarret to put some length on him. Last game Rob Dobson and Warren Lindberg both showed out, breaking double digits. So who knows which guy on Impact is going to pop. Impact will have size and skill over Bucket Getterz but, they may have enough fight in them.

Predictions: Impact is too seasoned to not defend their chip. Impact by 10.

No. 3 Tha Crew vs No. 6 Long Shots

This is a rematch of Week 9 with Tha Crew and the Long Shots. Tha Crew won by 15 and controlled most of the game. All players were in double figures for Tha Crew and Long Shots only had Derek and Tyler Kloepfer in double figures. That will need to change in order for the Long Shots to win. They have the size advantage and need to show that early. Brad Elliot, Joey McLain or Griffin Yopp need to get going early. I feel Tha Crew needs to do what they been doing and just ball out. Under sized they still have the speed and skill to get around everyone. Duvaliar Johnson needs to serve his team up the way he has been and guys like Jaliel Randle, Jeremy Vaughn and Kevin Love need to light it up. They are the second-best scoring team in the league so they got it in them. Looking forward to this one. Long Shots have had some ice in their veins last season by picking up the upset in the first round.

Predictions: Tha Crew totally turned everything around this season ending 6-2. if they lose first round it would be a shame. If Long Shots win they set their season right. I got Tha Crew by 7.

No. 4 MGTOW vs No. 5 Oh Boy

This one should have some fireworks as last time out it was a close game which the MGTOW took. Now they are seeded No. 4 and No. 5 and anything can happen. Marvin Augustin is going to be the key for MGTOW and going to be the first person Oh Boy will need to stop. MGTOW is third in points scored, but Oh Boy has a stout set of guys that can collectively get it done on D. Aaron Townsend, Eric Belsar and Deandre Molden need to get it started. If they start out slow this may not end the way they want it. MGTOW should be at full strength so Jaden Courage and Thomas Rowland should be the fresh legs for MGTOW, should anyone need a sub. Both teams have enough to get to the chip, it’s just which team pulls their ticket for the first round.

Predictions: I got to bring the coin out for at least one playoff game. Oh Boy got the Heads up so OH Boy by 4