Jeurys Familia Looks to Hold off RTG in a Race for First Place


SYOSSET DRAFT: Week 4 Power Rankings

By Anthony Leo | Syosset League Coordinator


1. Jeurys Familia (3-0)

Jeurys Familia has been on cruise control running through the league with dominating performances. They rank at the top of the league in points, rebounds and assists and second in the league in points allowed. Mike Mastro has absolutely dominated the first three games of the season averaging a triple-double. Mastro has been able to dominate because of the way this team plays together and finds the open guy. The 3-point line is surrounded with shooters and Jordan Oringer is leading the way knocking down 42 percent from deep. Everyone touches the ball and gets their shots on this team. All five starters are averaging double digits. Jeurys Familia will face their first real test of the season this week when they take on a very talented RTG team.

2. RTG (2-1)

RTG trails Jeurys Familia in the rankings this week and also trails them in just about every stat category. They are right behind Jeurys Familia and they are ready to get a shot at them this week. RTG has been led by William Clay, who hasn’t been shy at all in his first season about getting up shots in high volume. Clay leads the league in scoring at 38.5 per game and is coming off of a 52-point performance last week. Clay has infant range and is shooting 43 percent from deep and hasn’t taken less than 17 3s in a game yet this season with his highest being 19 attempts last week. Right beside Clay is Ken Koerner, who is running the offense and finding his shots whenever they come. Koerner has been a great player in this league for a long time and he can get his shot whenever he wants. This season he has been more of a facilitator. We’ll see if RTG can knock off Jeurys Familia this week.

3. Pass First (2-1)

Pass First is the most athletic team in the league and it has led to them being the best defensive team in the league, as they only allow 68 points per game. They force turnovers better than any other team leading the league in steals as well. Justin Lambert continues to impress every week and leads the team in scoring at 19 points per game. Four of their five starters average double-digit points and they are at their best when they move the ball around and get out in transition. The only thing holding Pass First back is their size compared to other teams in the league. They play with a very small lineup and against teams with size they have struggled. They have all the talent to beat anyone on any given night.

4. Thundercats (1-2)

The Thundercats are 1-2 on the season and have played in some very close and tough games this season. They got a big win in week two over RTG, but last week lost to Pass First in a nail biter. They play at a faster pace than any other team in the league and they are at their best when they are putting pressure on the defense in transition. The Thundercats have all five of their starters averaging double digits and are led by Nick Albernas. Albernas is averaging 20 points per game with Brett Cohen not trailing to far behind averaging 15 per game. They plenty of room to improve as a team especially on the defensive side of the ball. They rank 5th in the league in points allowed and if they can get some stops in crucial points of the game they can change their late game fortunes.

5. Lessons 4 Kids (1-2)

Lessons 4 Kids has struggled this season and their only win is against Lottery Picks who rank right behind them at number six this week. Lessons 4 Kids has the talent to win games but they haven’t been able to put it all together. They are a tough team with size and shooting. Ming Wang has been the leader on offense for this team averaging 21 points, 5 rebounds and 3 assists per game. He controls the offense and with Jake Rosenbloom playing off the ball they make for a strong duo. Rosenbloom is having another solid season averaging 17 points and 7 rebounds per game and continues to play great off the ball. He cuts the basket at the perfect time and is excellent around the basket. Lessons 4 Kids biggest issue right now is getting consistent offense. They have scoring droughts at times and let teams get away from them. If they can stay consistent throughout the game for the full 44 minutes and execute down the stretch they will be a much better team.

6. Lottery Picks (0-3)

Lottery Picks right now would be picking first in the draft lottery if we held a draft right now. They are winless and struggling to get on the same page. Last week was their toughest game of the season and it would be unfair to judge them off of last week’s game. They were without RaShawn Church and Matt Capozzo who are two of their leading scorers. With Church and Capozzo back in the mix they are a much better team. On paper this team is very talented and has some really solid role players. Spencer Weinstein and Justin David are two of the best role players you’re going to find, but it just hasn’t all clicked yet. I expect Lottery Picks to get it together as a team because they are just to talented to be 0-3. Willis Cheatham is the team’s only true big men who can play around the rim. They need to utilize Cheatham better in the offense and get him the ball from elbow and down. We’ll see if they can make it work this week.



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