Bhoudini In Desperation Mode?

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GREEN VALLEY VET B: Week 4 Predictions

By Michael Palmer | Green Valley Media Associate

Boozers (1-1) vs. RudeDogs (1-2)

The Boozers are coming off a bye week and will face the RudeDogs, who beat 44 Minutes by 12 points last week. Will we see Jason Salerno suit up for the Boozers? He was absent on Week 2, but scored 17 points in the season-opening loss to the Buckeyes. I know that the duo of Don Brkovich and Greg Goorjian will need to have clutch performances going up against the RudeDogs, and they should be able to make most of their shots. Watch out for Carrie Gillis to drill some clutch shots and start a momentum for the Boozers if she does so. Jeff Traylor will earn plenty of assists and be aggressive for the get-go as he will most likely go up against either Robert Lew or Anthony Bowe. 

James Rice of the RudeDogs will be the on a watchful eye and the Boozers needs to make sure he isn't in control of the game. Hopefully the RudeDogs will have Luis Maceira on board and ready to contribute throughout this contest. The 3-point duo of Lew and Amanda Kelley will look for their chances at drilling from range, so the Boozers can't afford to not guard them. If Salerno suits up, the Boozers should capture the win but if he doesn't, well the outcome may be different.

Prediction: Boozers +5

44 Minutes (0-2) vs. Buckeyes (2-0)

Jeremy Peltz and his 44 Minutes crew will look for an upset victory against Joe Paulk and the Buckeyes. It looked like in 44 Minutes' game against the RudeDogs last week that they may make a comeback, but it was too little too late for them. Peltz only scored six points, while Paul Boag (22 points) and Sam Kumar (13 points) were the lone players to score in double figures. Let's see how Christian Hyderkhan does against a tough Buckeyes opponent as he'll most likely drive his way to the basket.

The Buckeyes haven't been the prolific scoring team that they have been in previous seasons, but that doesn't matter as they get wins. Rob Murphy has stepped things up since Boag transitioned over to 44 Minutes as Murphy scored a team-high 16 points in last week's win against Bhoudini. Even though Paulk scored seven points last week, he'll make a big-time statement in this one. Watch out for Evan Hunt and Paul Sexton to deliver in the clutch and for the Buckeyes to remain undefeated.

Prediction: Buckeyes -13.5

NOT2OLD2SCORE (1-1) vs. Bhoudini (0-2)

Will we see Charlie Farber for Bhoudini? We'll have to wait and see as his Bhoudini squad is looking like the Bhoudini of the past. They need that spark going up against a tough NOT2OLD2SCORE opponent. Matt Cummings (19 points) and Lewis Bill (17 points), will look to have repeat performances going up against a pretty strong Bhoudini defense. Let's see how many shots Mike Anderson will attempt for NOT2OLD2SCORE; perhaps Michael Cornachio and Nick Lombardo will be a sleepers in this one. I know that Bhoudini's Josh Rollans and Sam Michelli can't do this all by themselves, but it's going to take a lot for them to slow down NOT2OLD2SCORE. If Farber suits up, it will be all Bhoudini, but if not, I have to give the edge to NOT2OLD2SCORE.

Prediction: NOT2OLD2SCORE +5

Bye Week: Old School (3-0)

Power Rankings

1. Old School (3-0)

2. Buckeyes (2-0)

3. Boozers (1-1)

4. NOT2OLD2SCORE (1-1)

5. Bhoudini (0-2)

6. RudeDogs (1-2)

7. 44 Minutes (0-2)