Hump (Someone Dunk on Terry Again) Daaaaay!

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GILBERT DRAFT: Week 4 Predictions

By Adam Butler | Gilbert Media Associate

7 p.m. - Lycans vs. Back Back Terry

New Territory for Tae Fox, already matching his loss totals as last season and we’re only three games in. The chemistry is definitely not great and it will only get worse during this game against BBT who lost their first game last week. I’m excited to see the matchup between Tempe Open teammates Tae and Jordan Vigil. $20 goes to the next person to dunk on Terry. 

Prediction: Back Back Terry by 21

7:30 p.m. - The Walking Techs vs The Chris Walkers

The Chris Walkers finally got a win for the first time this season after a huge game from Madison Coulson (27 points, 5 rebounds, 5 assists) and Louis Barham (18 points, 17 rebounds, 8 assists) even without leading scorer Daylan Gaddis. This week they’re matched up with the undefeated TWT, who have been averaging a league-leading 104 points a game, and winning by an average of 16 ppg. No one can stop Danny Dziedzic, who is third in the league in scoring with 35 ppg on only 21 shots. I don’t really see how TCW is going to matchup with TWT at almost any position. This might be a rough one. 

Prediction: The Walking Techs by 19

8 p.m. - Limitless vs. 2OH6ers

I think this game will come down to who shows up. We all know Fred Dudley is a walking 40-piece wherever he goes, he just has to get there. Although he didn’t get 50 as promised, Steven Wess is off to an insane start, averaging 33 points, 10.5 rebounds and 7 assists. On the other end, Lionel put together a ridiculous squad, all being able to score whenever they want. Last week it was Adrian Jackson who couldn’t miss, scoring 26 points on just 13 shots. This game will come down to the wire, but ultimately I think they’ll have equal records at the end of the game. 

Prediction: 2OH6ers by 1

8:30 p.m. - Thank u, Next vs. Most Hated

There’s definitely an asterisk by last week’s loss, considering MH only had three of their original seven players. Roderick Powell went absolutely insane, going 12-18 from deep. I’m interested in this upcoming matchup with TuN, who added Newbie Justin Dowdy to replace the injured Melvin Orji. I also heard through the grapevine that they added the light skin vegan Dakota Dudley to replace their last-round pick. Adding Dowdy and Dudley to the trifecta of scoring wizards DJ Hurd, Francisco Ahumada and Danny Giang makes things real interesting. Assuming the whole squad is present, I’ll take the Most Hated to ruin the debut. Thank you, next. 

Prediction: Most Hated by 5

9 p.m. - Got Juice? vs. Limitless

On the second half of their back to back, Limitless takes on Got Juice?. Last week they lost by four, missing Ellis Krout. Assuming everyone comes this week, it should be one of the more competitive games for either team. I’m definitely excited to see Marlan vs James and Lionel vs. Ellis. 

Prediction: Limitless by 5

Power Rankings

1. The Walking Techs (3-0)

2. Most Hated (2-1) 

3. Thank u, Next (2-1) 

4. Back Back Terry (2-1)

5. Limitless (2-1)  

6. Got Juice? (2-1)

7. 2OH6ers (1-2) 

8. The Chris Walkers (1-2) 

9. EATSQ (0-3) 

10. Lycans (0-3)

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