Ball Don't Lie Seeks Revenge

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FORT WORTH: Week 4 Predictions

By James Jones | Fort Worth League Coordinator

6:30p.m. - Old School Ballers (1-2) vs. Pink Flamingos (2-1)

The Pink Flamingos had their wings clipped last week by LT Colleyville and they will look to rebound versus The Old School Ballers. Missing two-time MVP Cody Brazelton proved once again to be a pivotal loss that they could not overcome. When both 6'8" Brazelton and 7'0" Chad Rykhoek are present, they cause major matchup problems for other teams. As always, predictions are done with everyone being there in mind. If that is the case, this game will be no different as the Old School Ballers only have Dwayne McDonald that can matchup on one of them, but who covers the other? The perimeter is a better matchup that is pretty even across the board and you have two guys coming off great scoring games in Greg Jackson who hit six 3s last week and Mike Majdeski who went for a career-high 24 points. These two teams only had one change combined in their lineups from last last season, so they are basically the same two teams. Last season saw a game that was about a 5-7 point games until about the last 3-4 minutes. This should be a pretty good game. 

PREDICTION: Pink Flamingos by 8

7:30p.m. - Rough Riders (2-1) vs. Nun Ya Bizness (1-2) 

This could be an interesting matchup. In the paint, you have James Mauro vs. Henry Flores. James has the advantage on the perimeter where he can use his speed and quickness to pull Flores out away from the basket. On the other end, Flores needs to use his size and strength down low to over power Mauro. Flores let his frustration get the best of him last week and a double tech sent him to an early shower. His team will need him to keep a positive outlook moving forward to help them have the best chance to win. Newcomer Alex Jones has been a bright addition to the league and hustles his butt off and contributes in all facets, averaging 16 points, 8 rebounds, 2 assists per game. Watching him against Dominique Burnett should be entertaining. Dom is coming off a 38-point outing that led him to be player of the week last week. Another good matchup to watch is Hamid Feisal on Champ Grayson. Champ is a little more athletic and faster but Hamid is not too far behind. If both teams play like they are capable of, this should be close as well. 

PREDICTION: Rough Riders by 5

8:30p.m. - LT Colleyville (3-0) vs. Ball Don't Lie (1-2) 

The Revenge Game. Why? Ball Don't lie handed Colleyville their first loss last season in a upset then reeled off six wins in a row on their way to the championship game where they met up with Colleyville again. That was an ugly game by both teams as neither had legs from both playing a game earlier in the night. Regardless, Colleyville came out on top and will hang the banner to rafters any day now. Ball Don't Lie picked up their first win last week in a three-point game with the Old School Ballers. They will look to build on that and see if they can pull the upset two seasons in a row. Demond Mallet has not had the hot shooting hand hand that he had last season but that doesn't mean he is not still capable. Ball Don't Lie did get older and if they don't have the lead late in the game, it may be difficult for them to mount a comeback on tired legs. New addition Harrison Sexton was a nice pick up, but will it be enough?

PREDICTION: LT Colleyville by 12

9:30p.m. - Family Toyota (2-1) vs. The Bombers (0-3) 

I could be wrong, but I don't think any team is looking forward to playing Family Toyota. They are built on applying pressure and getting out and running and if you don't have the horses to keep up, you will be left in the dust. Not to mention, they have some shooters on the team too in Artie Jabbar and Zac Jackson. Marshall Calvin found his way into the player of the week poll last week with a 20-point game but did see his league-leading steals average dip to 4.7 per game. This could be a game that sees that average go up. The Bombers will show up and play hard, no doubt about it. The struggle for the Bombers is going to be in taking care of the ball, an area they have struggled in. Then you throw in the pressure "D" that Family Toyota applies and it could spell disaster. If Chris Pittman and Colin Wiley can handle the pressure, the Bombers chances increase drastically.

PREDICTION: Family Toyota by 24

Power Rankings

1. LT Colleyville

2. Family Toyota

3. Pink Flamingos

4. Rough Riders

5. Ball Don't Lie

6. Old School Ballers

7. Nun Ya Bizness

8. The Bombers

See you on the court!