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PLANO: Week 3 Power Rankings

By Ty Robinson | Plano League Coordinator


1. Fellowship Basketball | 2-0

This new addition to the Plano league this winter season has been on top of their game. Week 1 was a close game with the Saggy Jammers, but Mike Malat and Barringotn Stevens were able to carry their team to a seven-point win. The two guards kept the fire going and passed the torch off to Keamoni Mattocks and Kenneth Clifton during the Week 2 game against Ballin On A Budget. Everybody on the team was quick and ready to assist for the 3-point play, the team full of guards was able to shoot lights out beating Ballin On A Budget by 47 points. This week Fellowship Basketball is up against the Older Tropics. Even though Fellowship Basketball has the speed and 3-point shot down, the Older Tropics will be bringing the height and veteran status to this match up.

2. The Soldiers | 2-0

The reigning champs are back and during Week 1 we were able to see a rematch between the two veteran teams that made it to the finals in the fall. The Soldiers were able to do it again, defeating the Older Tropics by four points. If the two were to match up again during the playoff season will The Soldiers be able to continue their hot streak? Week 2 showed that The Soldiers may have some weakness going up against another new team with veteran players. They were able to beat the Plano Heat by five points with the help of their new addition Erik Adams, who lead the team with 26 points. This week The Soldiers will be going up against another veteran team, MMG at 8 p.m.

3. Sniper Gang | 2-0

Last season this team had a rocky start, but now they are at the top of the power rankings this week. During the first week of the season, Sniper Gang went head to head with Shoot The J and came out on top with a 48-point win lead by Zachariah Robles and Derrick Aimes. The two guards could not miss, both shooting 75 percent from the 3-point line and above 70 percent from the field. The following week, Derrick Aimes and Zachariah Robles was able to keep their hot streak going and get the win against Push The Rock with the addition of Kobie Douglas. The three guards worked together to beat a very experienced team by 15 points. This Week Sniper Gang will be going up against Nike.

4. MMG | 2-0

MMG returns this season and looks to win it all. So far, they have been able to defeat their hard match ups Nike and Plano Heat with their key players Giordan Cole, Maxx Nakwaasah, and Kreston Martin. Week 3 will be another tough matchup for MMG as they go up against the reigning champions The Soldiers. For MMG to win this game they will need to play through Cole so that he can drive into the paint or post up and will also need BJ Matthews and Myles Eugene ready to shoot the corner 3.

5. Older Tropics | 1-1

Another veteran team is looking to be on top for another season this year. After losing to The Soldiers the first week, the team knew they had to bring their game if they wanted to beat their next opponent in Week 2. Even though the Older Tropics was able to beat the Splash Brothers by four points, the Splash Brothers were able to show everyone that the Older Tropics could have a weakness this season going up against quick teams that can drive into the paint and finish. If the Older Tropics want to continue to win during Week 3 against Fellowship Basketball, they need to pull out the Spurs Playbook and continue good passing to their key players Adam Allen and Jason Jamerson.

6. Splash Brothers | 1-1

This veteran team took a break for a few seasons and decided to make a comeback adding more quick and fast competition to the Plano league. During the first week this team was able to show everyone that not only can they cut and drive into the paint with ease but can also finish and complete the “And 1.” This team was able to get a 20-point win against Ballin On A Budget, but their skills were challenged when they faced off against the Older Tropics during Week 2. All in All, a coach would say “that was a good loss” especially against a very good team with multiple championships. After the loss, the team grew hungry and are looking for another win against the Plano Heat.

7. Saggy Jammers | 1-1

This DAC veteran team decided to join Plano to add more competition to the pool and make their mark in a different a league. The Saggy Jammers went up against Fellowship Basketball during week on of the season and played a hard game only losing by seven points. The DAC team is pretty consistent with their passing, rebounding, and scoring in the paint, making them all a key component to the team’s success. During Week 2, the Swaggy Jammers were able to beat Shoot The J by 36-points, and hopefully this DAC team can continue the win streak as they go up against The Role Models.  

8. Nike | 1-1

Just Do It! Nike is looking to get more wins this after not doing so well in the fall. This season the team communication is better as they add new players that can shoot the 3 to their roster. After Week 1’s win against Push The Rock, Nike had to get ready to face a well-known veteran team, MMG. When times get tough, Nike’s communication skills begin to fall resulting in a eight-point loss against MMG. This week, Nike looks to take on Sniper Gang and get back on track for winning this season.

9. Push The Rock | 0-2

PTR is filled with amazing talent having players that have played in college and professionally, but the first few weeks of the season haven’t been too good for this fast-paced team. This team can easily jump up the power rankings if they figure out the game plan for winning. Their two key players Jonathan Hoops and Nick Haywood look to work together to defeat The Role Models.

10. Plano Heat | 0-2

Another new addition to the Plano league consists of veteran and young players. This team can sneak up to the top of the power rankings this season if they keep playing through Brandon Stephens and Gerri Williams Jr. This particular team is special because they have their own spark plug Grant Anderson to create plays and shoot from the wing. Week 1 and 2 were good losses for the teams and they look forward to going up against the Splash Bros after learning what they can do better on the court.

11. Ballin On A Budget | 0-2

This returning fall team is also looking for their first win this season after having a rough first two weeks. If Ballin On A Budget continues to communicate and play through their point guard Isaac Rhodia and shooting guard Brock Pierce, then the team will be successful for the remainder of the season. Howard Stokes will make sure to grab the offensive rebounds from any missed shots and will continue to cut to create an open look for an easy shot. Week 3 will be a good game for this team as they get ready to go up against Shoot The J. This could either result in their first win or another loss.

12. Shoot The J | 0-2

As the Classic Ballers last season, Shoot The J went through a complete makeover with their roster and team name. The first two weeks were rough for this team taking on huge losses, but they have to understand that passing and driving actually works for them. If they continue to use their key player Larry Taylor in the post or having him go through pick and roll scenarios, this team can be successful against many teams. This week Shoot The J will be going up against Ballin On A Budget and will be looking for their first win of the season.  

13. The Role Models | 0-0

As the 13th team entered, this week the Role Models look to complete a double header. This team had a lot of success last season and are looking to take on and beat everyone that is in their way.



7:00 p.m. – Saggy Jammers (1-1) vs. The Role Models (0-0): The Role Models by 5

7:00 p.m. – Nike (1-1) vs. Sniper Gang (2-0): Sniper Gang by 10

8:00 p.m. – MMG (2-0) vs. The Soldiers (2.0): The Soldiers by 2

8:00 p.m. – Plano Heat (0-2) vs. Splash Bros (1-1): Splash Bros by 5

9:00 p.m. – Fellowship Basketball (2-0) vs. Older Tropics (1-1): Fellowship by 5

9:00 p.m. – Shoot The J (0-2) vs. Ballin On A Budget (0-2): Ballin On A Budget by 8

10:00 p.m. – The Role Models (0-0) vs. Push The Rock (0-2): The Role Models by 2

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