Joker's Henchman Will Win Third Straight Game

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FOLSOM: Week 3 Predictions

Written by Cory Gregersen | Folsom Media Associate

6:30 p.m. - Avengers (0-2) vs Venom (2-0)

Even with James Doran struggling from the 3-point line last week, Venom was still able to hold off Game Time for the win thanks to Drake Ussery. Ussery had an incredible stat line (29 points, 18 rebounds, 7 assists, 3 steals) and showed that his team is going to be a contender. The Avengers are coming off an embarrassing, lopsided defeat against Tune Squad and will look to get something going this week. I predict a hot start by Venom, but a ferocious second half charge by the Avengers thanks to defensive stops and fast breaks. Watch for the matchup of Eric Kagan vs. Drake Ussery. Both players have similar styles and like to play hard. Avengers will rely on Matt Edwards to step up and help out on both ends of the floor. At the final buzzer, I predict Venom will have the upper hand.

Prediction: Venom 63, Avengers 59

7:30 p.m. - Joker's Henchmen (2-0) vs Game Time (1-1)

The second game of the night is a collision of two very different teams. The surprising Joker's Henchmen have a well-built team that plays old school basketball. Ron Jacobs and Sanj Begai are grabbing boards while rookie Tyler Beard and Bryan Todd put up the points. Their organized roles put them on top of the leaderboard. On the other hand, Game Time is playing their own style of basketball. They lead the league with 38 3-pointers attempted per game as they try to outpace their opponent. Their style has had some success, especially with the talented shooters they have, but I believe they would be better off getting the ball down low to Tyler Alexander more often, as he can score with ease. I'm looking forward to the matchup of Bryan Todd vs. Zack Jacobs, both talented scorers that are having great seasons. With the Henchmen’s rebounding ability, and their movement on offense, I see them holding off a late charge by Game Time for the win. On the bright side, Game Time will win the award for most awkward team photo.

Prediction: Joker's Henchman 72, Game Time 69

8:30 p.m. - Tune Squad (1-1) vs Godfathers (0-2)

Tune Squad didn't wait long to return to top form, as they throttled the Avengers last week with endless 3-pointers and fast break dunks. They will face off against the Godfathers this week, who are coming off a loss against the Joker’s Henchmen. The Godfathers will hope to get their first win this week but must gather a full roster. This game will feature lots of key matchups, Joe Visman vs. Craig Gunderson, Tim Szatko vs. Mike Martz, and Ricardo Andrade vs. Monte Burtz. The bigs on both teams need to stay out of foul trouble. This will be a physical game that comes down to free throws in a nail biter. With the Godfathers shooting 84 percent at the free-throw line compared to 44 percent by Tune Squad, I'll give the edge to Godfathers.

Prediction: Godfathers 81, Tune Squad 80

Power Rankings (Last week in parentheses)

1. Venom (2)

2. Joker's Henchman (4)

3. Tune Squad (3)

4. Game Time (1)

5. Godfathers (5)

6. Avengers (6)