Jackrabbits and The Hustlers Try to Prove Who the Best Team in the League is


MOUNT LAUREL: Week 3 Power Rankings

By Kevin Kolodziej | Mount Laurel Media Associate

1. Jackrabbits (2-0)

After winning the championship last season, the Jackrabbits brought back their entire team back for the winter and look better than ever. So far this season, they’ve got the No. 1, No. 4 and No. 7 players in the league in PPR in Mustafa El-Amin (40.2), Joe Petrone (26.3) and Brenton Anderson (17.2). They’ve been playing together longer than any other team in the league and are proving just how important team chemistry is toward winning. They’ve got a test this week in the 2-0 Hustlers, but as of now, there’s no denying that the Jackrabbits are the top team in the league.

2. The Hustlers (2-0)

It’s been a strong start to the Hustlers so far, who have won their first two games by a total of 24 points. First-time captain Dame Gross (third in the league with a 28.3 PPR) has got to be pleased with his drafting abilities, seeing as his first pick, Isaiah Murray, is 10th in the league with a 14.6 PPR. The Hustlers have a true elite big man in Gross down low with plenty of shooting, athleticism and ball-handling in Murray, Remi Odulana, Steve Reyes and others. They project to be a serious contender all season.

3. Jay-Hawks (1-1)

Wil Cordero is leading the scoring charge for the Jay-Hawks with a team-best 13 points a game and is looking like the steal of the draft in the third round. Gary Lyons is an athletic guard with maybe more speed than anyone in the draft, and while captain Jay Phillips is a serviceable rebounder, they suffered a crushing blow when Ruben Edouard tore his quad. Edouard is one of the elite rebounders in the league (specifically on the offensive glass) and I think I speak for the entire league when I say we wish him nothing but a smooth and speedy recovery.

4. Kobe’s Rebounders (1-1)

Mike Kouser is unsurprisingly second in the league with a 29.6 PPR, averaging 30 points and 11.5 rebounds through two games and remains a top player in the league. Kouser’s first pick, Eric Moats (eighth in the league with a 16.2 PPR), exploded for 31 points during their 82-80 victory in Week 2. With a well-balanced roster including veteran point guard Luck Williams and 3-point specialists Casey Langel and Hope Phillips, this team has the capability to put up points on any team in the league. This is a team no one will look forward to playing come playoff time.

5. Sticky Bandits (0-2)

The Sticky Bandits are winless through their first two games, but don’t be fooled by their early-season record, this team is legit. While they lost by 10 in their first game, they were defeated by just two points against a tough Kobe’s Rebounders team in Week 2. They’ve got one of the league’s premiere big men in first-overall pick Jake Gurkin and a veteran captain in Tim Robinson to go along with Jerry Barrett (the league’s best hype-man), Ian Fitzsimmons (athletic swingman) and Terrel Hall (injured, but expected back about halfway through the season), expect the wins to start coming sooner rather than later.

6. Wet Bandits (0-2)

Straight to the point: It’s been a tough start to the season for the Wet Bandits. They lost their first game by 30 points to the Jackrabbits and their second game by 20 to The Hustlers. Some positives for them are that their first two games were against the only two undefeated teams, they have a strong roster (with Jabree Jackson, Mike Nelson and Justin DeJoseph) and have more total banners than anyone. Every season, it seems like the Wet Bandits start slow and then work their way through the postseason and into the championship. Sure, they’re 0-2, but they’re not going to be worried about their wins and losses just yet.


7:30 P.M. - Jackrabbits (2-0) 69, The Hustlers (2-0) 66

8:30 P.M. - Sticky Bandits (0-2) 84, Wet Bandits (0-2) 77

9:30 P.M. - Kobe’s Rebounders (1-1) 83, Jay-Hawks (1-1) 74