Johnny Sinishtaj Looks to Take Down the “Run and Gun” Pistons


SHELBY VET: Week 3 Predictions

By Mckinsey Golfin | Shelby League Coordinator

10:30 a.m. - Pistons (1-0) vs. Bulls (2-0)

The Pistons had an amazing season opener as they came out blazing and stunned their opponent. Demarco Paige had an amazing game as he led his team with 39 points. They also had several other players that contributed whether it was on the offensive end or defensive end. Mckinsey Golfin led his team in rebounding (9) and Vaughan Gray led in assists (5). 

The Bulls are also one of the hot teams currently and has started off on a good note. From looking at them you can tell that they are getting a good chemistry going amongst each other. They had three players contribute to their last victory scoring 20-plus points (Johnny Sinishtaj, Mark Camaj, and Jean Uwizeye), which predicates on the overall team’s ball movement. They definitely have the ability to move the ball and keep the defense on it’s toes. If you get caught sleeping, then that’s when the game can get out of hand. The Pistons better be careful on the defensive end. 

Prediction: Pistons 83, Bulls 80

11:30 a.m. - Warriors (0-2) vs. Lakers (0-1)

The Warriors are slowly getting their grove back as they continue to grasp a feel of each other’s ability. Johnnie Brown is leading the team currently in points (21), assists (3), and steals (1) per game. He’s also getting a large contribution out of Gary Price Jr. on the glass who is hauling in 8.5 per game. 

This may be a problem for the Lakers as they are a smaller team and freshly put together. With already being established, I see the Warriors coming out aggressive and taking control of this game from the jump. The Laker will need to lock down defensively for the entire forty minutes if they want this victory.

Prediction: Warriors 76, Lakers 68

Power Rankings

1. Bulls (2-0)

2. Pistons (1-0)

3. Spurs (1-1)

4. Warriors (0-2)

5. Lakers (0-1)

UH Mediashelby, DetroitComment