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SYOSSET DRAFT: Week 3 Power Rankings

By Anthony Leo | Syosset League Coordinator


1. Jeurys Familia (2-0)

Jeurys Familia is on a roll to start the season off in Syosset. They lead the league in scoring at 87 points per game and they have controlled games from to start to finish. Mike Mastro has been dominant putting up triple-doubles in both games this season. Nobody has had an answer for Mastro and this team to this point. What makes Jeurys Familia so good is how the roster is built with shooters and play makers. Chase Jaloza, Jordan Oringer, Sam Singh and Haseeb Sikander all shoot the 3-ball and spread the floor wide open. Teams double Mastro and the ball moves around the perimeter. Defending this team won’t be an easy task. We’ll see if they can keep it going this week.

2. Thundercats (1-1)

The Thundercats last week came in as underdogs against RTG and surprised everyone with a big win. They were without Mike Frey and Alain Wehder and still managed to get the win. They played fast and got up and down the court. Nick Albernas and Brett Cohen led the way, knocking down a combined nine 3s. With Mike Frey back this week the Thundercats need to play at the same pace they played last week pushing the ball up the floor and putting pressure on the defense to get back. The only thing left for this team to do is to improve defensively because they currently rank dead last in points allowed. If they can improve their team defense and play like they did last week they will be a tough team to beat.

3. RTG (1-1)

RTG comes into Week 3 looking to bounce back from their disappointing loss last week. RTG is built around Ken Koerner and William Clay who both can score 30-plus on any night. Last week Koerner struggled to find his shot, but there shouldn’t be to many of those nights this season. Clay continues to impress more and more each week. Clay leads the league in scoring at 31 points per game and is averaging 15.5 rebounds per game. He is putting up monster numbers and is well on his way to a rookie of the year award if these numbers continue. For RTG to improve and build a strong winning streak they need to get others on the team involved more. We’ll see if they can make the adjustment this week.

4. Pass First (1-1)

Pass First came out firing in Week 1 and hit a speed bump last week when they took on a much bigger Jeurys Familia team. They simply just didn’t have the size to rebound and control enough possessions in the game.  They are built around a five-guard lineup that can get hot from deep and dominate a game if they get out in transition. They play as fast as anyone in the league and can pressure team on the defensive end with their athleticism. Justin Lambert has lived up to his first-round pick status and will be in the rookie of the year running if he can keep putting up big numbers.

5. Lessons 4 Kids (1-1)

Lessons 4 Kids is coming off a big win last week over Lottery Picks and it was a team effort. Ming Wang scored 20 points and Jake Rosenbloom added another 16 points. The surprise from last week was Nick Mastro who scored 14 points and showed he could attack the basket off the dribble. It’s only one game, but Lessons 4 Kids looked a lot better last week on both ends of the floor. For this team to continue to put up wins they need Ming and Jake to be their leading scorers and take command of the offense. If both can put up 20-plus each night with Maxx Rosenbloom rebounding they can rack up some wins. They will be put to the test tonight when they take on Jeurys Familia.

6. Lottery Picks (0-2)

Lottery Picks has struggled in both of their games this season and their biggest issue is finding consistency on offense. They are ranked last in the league in points per game at only 61.5 points per game and in this league that number won’t be enough to win many games. Defensively they have been one of the best at second in the league allowing only 70 points per game. If they can find more consistent offense and get on the same page they can easily bounce back. They have a lot of talented players, but they haven’t been able to get on the same page yet this season with guys in and out of the lineup and playing together for the first time. They have plenty of time to get back on track and put some wins together.



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