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GREEN VALLEY REC: Week 2 Predictions

By Michael Palmer | Green Valley Media Associate

Villains (0-0) vs. Flight Vegas (0-0)

The defending champion Villains will look to make an early statement as they'll face Flight Vegas. We may be looking at a different Flight Vegas crew as Cory Ford and Ali Sabra may be out for some time. Knowing Flight Vegas though, they're always prepared for situations like this as they should have some reinforcements arriving in no time. Meanwhile, Vernon Clemens, David Murtha and Robert Sandoval explode on offense each and every game. They play a fast-paced game and will take on anyone. The Villains should be pumped for this championship game rematch and show Flight Vegas that their title was no fluke. Watch out for Hollis Hale to drill 3s from left to right, Andreu Johnson to be a facilitator and Josh McCarver to explode in the paint. Keep a close eye on London Schneider as he'll be aggressive in transition and perhaps draw some fouls. I like both teams here, but the Villains are out to protect their title and they'll win this one. 

Prediction: Villains -5.5

Free Agents (0-0) vs. RudeDogs (0-1)

Tony Eackles Jr. and the RudeDogs will look to capture their first win of the season against the Free Agents. Eackles Jr. scored a team-high 27 points last week, while Ben Carey got himself 20 points on six treys. They played a tough JYD opponent and they lost by 34 points, but that will not happen again. They have a lot of talent, size and strength that will cause the Free Agents to perhaps play some zone defense. Watch out for Andrew Power to explode in the paint and the duo of Matt Darcel and Cory Argubright to make some clutch shots. I would talk about the Free Agents but quite frankly, I have to see who's on this team to discuss what they have to offer, so the RudeDogs it is.

Prediction: RudeDogs -12

Bye Week: JYD (1-0)

Power Rankings

1. JYD (1-0)

2. Villains (0-0)

3. RudeDogs (0-1)

4. Flight Vegas (0-0)

5. Free Agents (0-0)