NuStar's "Nu-Faces" Prove to be Worthy


SAN ANTONIO: Week 2 Power Rankings

By Pat Fridley | San Antonio Co-League Coordinator

After a great opening night, the Winter 19' Season is in full swing. We gave you our preseason power rankings in episode 1 of our weekly show, so let's take a look at where these rankings have moved after Week 1. 

7. OutKast

Not only is the Free Agent team official, their name is official too (great choice btw). As with all new teams, they're starting at the bottom of the rankings, as they have to earn their way to the top. Make no mistake though, this has the makings of a very talented team. Demitrius Davis looks to be the most impactful player on this roster statistically, as he had an impressive debut last season. Adrian Marin can score the ball as well. Solid vets like Corey Weber, Sam Epps and Chaise Jones will look to provide a scoring punch as well. Newcomers Hunter Kinyon and Carter Hunt have listed college experience on their profiles, and could potentially really bolster this roster. Let's see what happens as they make their debut against the defending champs.

6. Controlled Chaos (0-1)

They dropped their Week 1 debut, but in their defense, they were shorthanded. Mike High and Dionelle Rucker are huge pieces to be missing, so a narrow loss to the much improved NuStar squad doesn't seem to be that bad. They'll face Kingdom Come in Week 2, hopefully with a full roster. Team captain Wil Lombardi dropped 10 points to start his farewell tour, look for him to stay aggressive as he leaves his mark on our league for the last few times. 

5. Velvet Thunder (1-0)

An impressive debut as the newest team in the league took down the reigning open league champs. Teamwork, teamwork, teamwork is the word of the week when talking about the Velvet-ty Thunder. Four starters contributed 17 points a piece to each tie for a game high. Talk about even distribution. Matt Kallead really stood out as well with his high energy plays and great defense. They'll have a tough one against NuStar in Week 2. 

4. PVGNE (0-1)

Sure they dropped their first one, but according to them, they're missing some key players. Despite the loss, last season's Most Improved Player Abram Gomez led his team with 24 points. If Gomez keeps this up, and the rest of the squad does what they normally do, they won't lose too many more games.

3. NuStar (1-0)

Their huge offseason signings paid dividends, as Sean Dockery had the performance of the week. It had to feel good taking down the rival Chaos, and doing it in such effortless fashion. However, like stated above, Chaos was undermanned. They'll face each other one more time this season in Week 8, and we can't wait for that one. 

2. Ether (0-1)

It wasn't the debut they hoped for, but still a great showing despite not having big man Jayquan Anderson. Preston Jones played his part as he led his team in scoring. However, a big loss was suffered as they have most likely lost LA Tumblin for the remainder of the season. A nasty knee injury resulted in calling an ambulance for pick up. From all of us at UHSA, we wish him a speedy recovery and we hope to see you back soon. Remember, setbacks are really just "setups" for comebacks, and we know you'll be back.  

1. Kingdom Come (1-0)

An admittedly sloppy game on their part, but they were happy to just secure the win. Travis Matthews was the high point man on his squad, though it seemed nobody really had a "good game". That was probably due to Ether's tough defense, and active hands. Still though, these two will see each other again in Week 8 in what looks to be an epic rematch. KC will square up with Chaos in Week 2. 


Kingdom Come over Controlled Chaos

Ether over Outkast

NuStar over Velvet Thunder