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SYOSSET VET: Week 3 Power Rankings

By Anthony Leo | Syosset League Coordinator


1. Hooligans (1-1)

Every single team in the league has a record of 1-1 to this point in the season. This is the first time in a while that we do not have an undefeated team after Week 2. Tonight, we begin Week 3 with the standings more open than they have ever been. The Hooligans come in as the number-one ranked team this week because of their consistency and defensive numbers. In the vets league defense is always a crucial part of the game. The Hooligans rank number one in the league only allowing 43 points per game. A big reason why they are number one is because of Jamaal Sanderson. Sanderson is all about effort on the floor and brings more energy to the game than anyone. If the Hooligans can pick up their offense to balance out their defense they will be a tough team to beat.

2. Let’s Do This (1-1)

Let’s Do This leads the league in several categories already this season. They are tops in points per game, assists and steals. Their dynamic backcourt of Adam Sutton and Alain Wehder has been everything they could have wanted with Sutton and Wehder taking care of the scoring load each week. Wehder enters Week 3 as the league’s leading scorer at 23.5 points per game with Sutton trailing not too far behind at 18 points per game. Offense is no issue for this team. For Let’s Do This to take the next step they need to improve on defense. They rank dead last in the league allowing 60 points per game.

 3. Hoop Dreams (1-1)

Hoop Dreams has been better than most people thought they would be so far this season. They are ranked second in the league in points per game and points allowed. The duo of Chris Albano and Justin Dattolo has been better than expected. Both are very versatile and play off each other perfectly. Albano is one of the league’s most versatile players who can post up or shoot the 3-ball. Hoop Dreams is at their best when they play out of the post and move the ball around perimeter. In crunch time Justin Dattolo has been excellent stepping up and hitting big shots. Hoop Dreams just needs to improve on the way they open games. They are always fighting their way back into games. With a strong start they could be a much better team.  

4. Ballerz (1-1)

The Ballerz last week came in as the number-one ranked team and they played what might have been the worst game they have ever played. Everyone on the team struggled and nothing was falling. They only allowed 41 points per game but they only managed to score 25 points for the entire game. The issue for the Ballerz this season through the first two weeks is clear. They are not scoring at nearly the rate they did last season, but their defensive effort is still up there. They rank last in scoring at 44 points per game and they need to create more offense. It is still very early and I expect the Ballerz to bounce back and figure it out. Mike Seff needs to find his rhythm again and get back to the way he was playing last season. If Seff can attack the basket and knock down 3s it will open the offense up.  

5. Walking Dead

The Walking Dead are one of the leagues tops teams when they are firing on all cylinders. Unfortunately, they will be without Stephen Sombrotto for a few weeks due to injury and that will certainty change things. Sombrotto does so much for this team and without him they need to play a little different to make it work. Richie Yorke will have to step up and take on more of the scoring load to help out Tom Dimicelli. Dimicelli is a great scorer who is always tops in the league in scoring, but it’s hard to carry the team in scoring every night and expect to win. The Waking Dead will feel the loss of Sombrotto the most on the defensive end of the floor. Sombrotto is a great defender and rebounder and without him it will change the way the Walking Dead plays defense for a few weeks. I expect some zone to be mixed in.  

6. And 1

And 1 last week really struggled to score the ball because they were without Mike Venuti and Matt Lalin. Getting a good idea of what this team really is will be difficult because guys are in and out of the lineup all the time. If And 1 could get the full team together every week they could be a really good team. They would have one of the strongest starting lineups in the league. Until we see everyone together it will be hard to gauge this team. The positive from last week was seeing David Sandler get back out on the court in a league game for the first time since his ACL injury.  Sandler scored 17 points and grabbed 6 rebounds and still looked like his old self. He was full of energy on defense and this team will need him to lock up opposing teams’ best players.


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