Family Toyota in the Fast Lane

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FORT WORTH: Week 3 Power Rankings

By James Jones | Fort Worth League Coordinator

Week 2 did not see any upsets but did see some growth and separation in the league. LT Colleyville and Pink Flamingos continue to be a collision course for league dominance but Family Toyota is moving in the fast lane as a team that can possibly be in the mix for a title run despite their three-point Week 1 loss to the Birds. This week will leave one lone undefeated team at the top as LT Colleyville and the Pink Flamingos meet up in what should be a great game. However, until that game is over, here are the week's power rankings. 


This week will be a tough test for Colleyville as they face their nemesis in the Pink Flamingos. I believe they went 1-1 against each other last season with neither team being at full strength when they played, which allowed both teams an out for the reason they lost. Colleyville's two additions this season have and will continue to help. Brandon Dean is another sharp shooter on the perimeter and can help offset an off night by Demond Mallet, if that even occurs. They also filled a need for some size with 6'5" Kevin Johnson. Of course having Beau Muhlbach present will greatly improve their chances.  


The Birds have never liked being the underdog or not ranked at the top of even picked to lose. Trust me, they let me know every time. They hate to lose and step on the court every time to make sure that doesn't happen. The Birds don't like that LT Colleyville is hanging a championship banner next to theirs and wants to prove this is their season to reign again. The Flamingos did add a piece in Aaron Franklin but he has yet to play so what he can contribute has yet to be seen. Regardless, the pieces are there with No. 4-ranked National Open Player and 7-footer, Chad Rykhoek, who is averaging 30 points and 12 rebounds. Then you throw in No. 5 National Open Player and 2-time MVP Cody Brazelton, who is averaging a measly 29 points and 12 rebounds. With those two stepping on the court, their chances are always good. 


Family Toyota is the first of the logjam of teams at 1-1. Their one loss was opening week to the Birds by three. This plays fast and wants to push the tempo both offensively and defensively. They do lack size but make up for it in athleticism, speed, and some outside shooting. The league is on notice that Marshall Calvin is a thief and is averaging 5.5 steals a game. Jamon Little is leading this team in scoring at 18 a game. Be sure to bring your track shoes when playing this team. 


This team has some athleticism and good players and just flat out got out hustled and out played last week against Family Toyota. Dominique Burnett was held under 10 points for the first or perhaps second time in his three seasons. James Mauro is leading the team in scoring at 18 per game. The jury is still out but this team continues to look to be a middle of the pack team. I don't know if they have what it takes or the right pieces to get them over the hump, only time will tell. 


Their old age showed in their lack to close out LT Colleyville last week. They held a 54-50 lead with about seven minutes to go. However, they allowed Colleyville to finish the game on a 32-10 run. So far, their defense is much improved and they are playing much better and will be more competitive, but I doubt it will be enough to be any more than a middle of the pack team. Dwayne McDonald was a First Team All-Fort Worth last season and continue that same play this season as he is leading the team in scoring at 28.5 per game. 


The newly named free agent No. 2 team got their first against the other free agent team last week. This team has size to match up in 6'8" Henry Flores and some youth and athleticism in Alex Jones, Hamid Feisal, and the Stroik brothers. They will have to play well, but don't be surprised if they pick up a few more wins. 

7. BALL DON'T LIE (0-2)

They are not liking the losing and sources are saying they will be adding another piece this week to hopefully change their losing ways. They are not looking like the same team that made the championship game last season. They did get older in their additions and so far that has not paid off. Carl Granger will not go easily and will battle game in and out with his team-leading 23 points per game. The Victor Manta trade last week was a good addition but missing two-time All-Defensive Player, Sean Thomas, so far has been pivotal. 

8. THE BOMBERS (0-2)

This team is centered around Brian Butterweck, who has played in all three UH seasons. This is probably the best team and most talent he has had around him. Chris Pittman has been a solid new addition  and Colin Wiley, Will Daniel, and Tony Accaoui have been solid contributors. They will struggle, but much like last season's HFTC, I don't think we will see any quit in this team and they will show up and battle the best they can. 


6:30 p.m. - Old School Ballers vs. Ball Don't Lie | Old School Ballers by 4

7:30 p.m. - Family Toyota vs. Nun Ya Bizness | Family Toyota by 20

8:30 p.m. - Rough Riders vs. The Bombers | Rough Riders by 12

9:30 p.m. - LT Colleyville vs. Pink Flamingos | Pink Flamingos by 6

See you on the court!