Jackrabbits Picking Up Right Where They Left Off


MOUNT LAUREL: Week 2 Power Rankings

By Kevin Kolodziej | Mount Laurel Media Associate

1. Jackrabbits (1-0)

The reigning champion Jackrabbits have essentially brought the same exact roster back from the Fall 2019 season. They have the same six players (Mustafa El-Amin, Joe Petrone, Brenton Anderson, Tyler Marlin, Rich Bandoy and Kevin Kolodziej) along with newcomer and 3-point specialist Christian D’Alessando. In their first game of the season, they put up the most points in the league (86) and won by the largest margin of any game of the week (30). They are a battle-tested team that’s firing from all cylinders early on in the season, and they have to be the early favorite to grab the title.

2. The Husters (1-0)

For the first time of his Ultimate Hoops career, Dame Gross decided to be a captain. He drafted a solid team with guards Isaiah Murray and Remi Odulana to go along with his big stature down-low. They defeated the Mike Kouser-led Kobe’s Rebounder 65-61 (closest game of Week 1) and should be one of the better teams this season.

3. Jay-Hawks (1-0)

Captain Jay Phillips drafted himself a solid team this season and may have picked the sleeper of the draft in Wil Cordero with his third pick. Cordero had a team-high 19 points during the first week of the season and was fifth across the league with a 18.8 PPR. Mix in the athleticism of Gary Lyons and Ruben Edouard, and the Jay-Hawks could be looking at another successful season.

4. Kobe’s Rebounders (0-1)

With Casey Langel, Eric Moats and Hope Phillips on his team, Mike Kouser once again drafted the players that he’s most comfortable playing with. These players have been on the same team multiple times, and while they were unable to pull out the Week 1 victory, they should be one of the better teams in the league this season.

5. Sticky Bandits (0-1)

Tim Robinson had the first pick in the draft this season, and with it, finally took a big man with his first pick in Jake Gurkin. Although they did not pick up the Week 1 win, they still look to be a strong team from top to bottom and have the talent to beat anyone on any given night. They also have Terrel Hall on their bench, who is recovering from a knee injury but hopes to return around Week 5 of the season. The last time Hall played, his team went to the finals…do what you will with that information.

6. Wet Bandits (0-1)

Despite having the star power of Jabree Jackson, Mike Nelson and Justin DeJoseph, the Wet Bandits suffered the largest-deficit loss of Week 1 (losing by 30 points to the reigning champion Jackrabbits). They were without big man Jessiah “Milk” Styles, and when he returns they should be able to battle on the boards with a little more consistency, but for now, they’re at the six spot in the power rankings.


7:30 P.M. | Jackrabbits (1-0) 77 - Jay-Hawks (1-0) 65

8:30 P.M. | The Hustlers (1-0) 69 - Wet Bandits (0-1) 54

9:30 P.M. | Sticky Bandits (1-0) 63 - Kobe’s Rebounders (0-1) 74