Too Early for a Must Win?


PALM VALLEY: Week 2 Power Rankings

By Daniel Thomas | Palm Valley Media Associate

1. Free Smoke

Led by MVP Tyler Gibbs and Sean Boston, they showed last week that when both are present, this team is a force. They’re out to stay on top this season and they have the core to do it.

2. Showtime

The OG’s are the closest they’ve been to full strength in a draft and the high level effort was there Week 1 against HitMen. Kevin DuBose and the gang came out locked in and played tough basketball for 44 minutes. Could this be the season they get back to glory?

3. Hard Work

Jason Jefferson went with what he knows works, he took Shawn Scott number-one overall and he delivered with a top performance last week. Inside Jacque Collins is one of PV’s best big men so this team is built for success going forward.

4. HitMen

Retaining the same core from last seasons final four run, Captain Adam Hamilton and coming have high goals for this season. Last week didn’t go as planned but expect KJ Davis and Manning Watts come ready for a bounce back win to get up the rankings.

5. Knee Braces & Shoelaces

Missing Frank Contreras and Kasey Ruiz last week, KB&S struggled to keep up with Free Smoke. They have the weapons and teamwork to win, if they have their full roster show this squad can be tough.

6. Elite Runs

Tyrese Watts and Isaiah Lopez did their best to power Elite Runs to a win last Sunday but was unable to close in the second Half. Daisjion Draper will be a high key to this team’s outcomes of games if he can make this a big three with Tyrese and Isaiah. 


5:00 P.M. - Showtime Vs. Elite Runs | Showtime by 8

6:00 P.M. - Hard Work Vs. Free Smoke | Free Smoke by 5

7:00 P.M. - Knee Braces & Shoelaces Vs. HitMen | KB&S by 3