Triple Crown


CHAMPIONS: Preseason Power Rankings 

By: Kevin Gill | Champions Media Associate


Alliance is looking to join elite company! Only two teams in the Houston league have completed a three-peat (Life is Good and The Lake Houston Kings). Those two teams have some sure fire first ballot hall of famers so that would be quite the company to be apart of. Another key player has the franchise  yet again πŸ‘€. Colby Williams has made it clear for any one that leaves to please not let the door hit them on the way out πŸ€·πŸΎβ€β™‚οΈ These are the reigning back-to-back champs so until someone can take them out, they hold the number one spot. 


Lake Houston Live made major strides this past Fall 2018 season. Some departures and shortcomings at the padded end of the season derailed their championship hopes. Shelby Parsons had a rough playoffs, but to his credit, he expressed his health was in question. This team did come off a tough loss, as they were an in-and-out shot from being the champions. Anthony Nunn and a lot of other players have gone in and out the lineup, so I’m curious to see how they fare this time around. 


City Centre Ballers are must-see tv! I still remember the last time I saw them play ball together. Arguably one of the most impressive and entertaining teams I’ve ever seen that actually won a championship.  The arguments, the passion, the want...and this is on a given night. Can’t wait to see this group play again.


Allian....I mean the Bulletts look a lot different this season. Another quality player joins a team that underachieved the last go around. I expect a total upgrade this season for the Bulletts, but the league needs to know that the combination of Donte Mathis and Jaron Sweatt will be a problem. Oh, and let’s not forget about the Most Improved Player Larry Mooney. Bulletts, on paper, look tough to beat, but after last season they get the fourth spot. 


The Monstarz have been the biggest disappointment the past two seasons registering on two wins in 17 games. I expect a resurgence from them this season and the balance out the league. I refuse to believe they will be the bottom feeders of Houston. Charon Batiste has to put the team on his back and produce an MVP worthy season to make this franchise relevant again. ✊🏾 


7 p.m. - Monstarz (0-0) vs Alliance (0-0) | Monstarz by 5

8 p.m. -  City Centre Ballers (0-0) vs Monstarz (0-0) | Monstarz by 2

9 p.m. - Bulletts (0-0) vs Lake Houston Live (0-0) | Bulletts by 8