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SCOTTSDALE DRAFT: Week 2 Power Rankings

By Adam Butler | Scottsdale Media Associate

1. Big Drip Energy (2-0)

Getting their doubleheader out of the way Week 1, BDE came out swinging in the first game shooting 57 percent from deep as a team. Warren La Chance led the way with 34 points, 10 assists and 8 rebounds, with Tristan Patrick and Nick Guerrieri combining for another 35 points. Warren and the crew look ahead to play fellow open teammate Mike Bizoukas and All Bizness. 

2. Bread Winners (1-0)

Bread Winners have a threat at every position. I’m eager to get back to a time where Brad Carroll shoots more than a few times a game, but Darron Bonner and Seth Huhta make up for it. Although the two of them shot 2-11 combined, it won’t stay like that for long. Good to have savvy point guard Dylan Armstrong back in the mix, and I’m excited to I see what he can do on this team. 

3. All Bizness (1-0)

Speaking of All Bizness, they come in at No. 3 for the week. Coming off a win against yours truly, Michael Bizoukas starts his back-to-back MVP campaign with a 24 point, 14 rebound and 11 assist triple-double. With everyone else hovering around 13 points, Biz has a pretty good shot at running it back. 

4. Bel Air Academy (0-1)

Losing a tough one in the last few minutes, BAA will look to bounce back this week with a win. Easily the biggest team in the league (height and mass included), they will cause some serious problems for opponents in the playoffs. Especially ones that run small ball lineups. Slightly terrified of getting trampled by any of them. Dashawn knows how to pick a team. 

5. Dribbling Soul (0-1)

Wasn’t looking good for your friendly neighborhood Danny Dziedzic in game one, shooting 25 percent from the field. Sources tell me that he’s back to shooting over 50 percent due to a little footwear change. I love the potential that this team has, with the most athletic white boy Steve Landell and plenty of shooters around him. Look for DS to rise in the rankings. 

6. James Meng Talent Agency (0-1)

Rough game for JMTA last week. I heard someone put a lid over the rim on each side we were shooting on. Seems like everyone is a little out of shape, but I’m not too worried about it. We’re playing chess not checkers. Keep leaving us open (plz). 

7. Wet Bandits (0-1)

The name makes me uncomfortable but it’s fine, I’ll move past it. Brayden Quakenbush shouldered 42 percent of his team’s points last week, while Neb Petkovic and Shawn Finecy barely scraped by in double digits. They played good defense...I guess my only advice is to....score....more? We’ll see how it plays out Thursday night. 


8 p.m. - JMTA vs. Wet Bandits | JMTA by 10

8 p.m. - Bel Air Academy vs. Dribbling Soul | Bel-Air Academy by 13

9 p.m. - Bread Winners vs. Bel-Air Academy | Bread Winners by 7

9 p.m. - Big Bizness vs. Big Drip Energy | Big Drip Energy by 4