The Ballerz Remain on Top


SYOSSET VET: Week 2 Power Rankings

By Anthony Leo | Syosset League Coordinator


1. Ballerz  (1-0)

The Ballerz opened up their season last week with a win over Let’s Do This. They put up 64 points and dominated the boards controlling the game. Mike Seff picked Cedric Wallace in the first round for a reason, and Wallace has been getting better and better each season in the league. Wallace has been scoring more and more to add to his already impressive rebounding numbers. The difference for this season’s Ballerz team from last season’s is they not only have a strong defense but they have a much stronger offense this season. If the Ballerz can put up 60-plus points per game and play the defense that they are capable of playing, they will remain a top team in the league all season long.

2. And 1 (1-0)

Last week before the season started I had my questions and concerns about this And 1 team, but those questions and concerns were answered quickly. And 1 got a huge Week 1 win over the Hooligans without Dave Sandler, who is arguably their best player. Mark Pnini drafted a solid team and the addition of Matt Lalin to the team and the league was a huge one. Lalin made his debut last week and showed he can handle, pass and create shots for others. The key for And 1 to be successful the rest of the way is now finding out how they will move Sandler into the offense. Sandler is an aggressive player who can go coast to coast as well as anyone in the league and he can be a lock-down defender on the perimeter. Lookout for And 1 this season if they get everything going their way.

3. Walking Dead (1-0)

The Walking Dead earned a Week 1 win over Hoop Dreams in a close game. They won the game 57-54 and were led by the newest addition to the Waking Dead. Yasha Tehrani led the way scoring 16 points and knocking down four 3s. Yasha is one of the league’s best shooters, and in this offense he should get plenty of open looks. All of the attention is spent on trying to slow down and double scoring machine Tom Dimicelli. This season Dimicelli has a lot of help unlike past seasons when he needed to score 25-plus every game to have a chance to win. The Walking Dead are one of the deepest teams in the league with a lot of tough guys who play both sides of the ball.

4. Let’s Do This (0-1)

Let’s Do This dropped their opening game of the season to a tough Ballerz team. They simply didn’t have the size to stop the Ballerz from controlling the boards. However, Let’s Do This showed that their dynamic backcourt with Adam Sutton and Alalin Wehder is going to cause problems for opposing teams. Wehder put up 30 points and Sutton scored 18 points and their two-man game in the pick-and-roll was tough to defend. Sutton can roll or pick-and-pop and it puts the defense on skates trying to figure out what they are going to do. My biggest concern for this team is defensively getting stops when they need them. If they can play team defense and help out each other they will be more than fine with their duo that can put up tons of points.

5. Hooligans (0-1)

The Hooligans had a really tough Week 1. They lost the game and they lost their first-round draft pick for probably the entire regular season. Dave Konecky suffered a broken finger in the game and will be out until further notice. Without him the offense changes and guys have to step up. The Hooligans are known to struggle early in the season, and then pick it up as the season goes on. I expect this team to hit a few speed bumps along the way, but they have the players to get the job done. Harris will have to step up as he normally does and take on a bigger role with Konecky out. Adam Boxer has been on the Hooligans countless times and Boxer is basically player and coach for the team. Harris and Boxer will get the Hooligans back on track sooner than later.

6. Hoop Dreams (0-1)

Hoop Dreams played a tough Walking Dead team in Week 1 and fought all the way to the end despite being down double digits in the first half. They were shorthanded with only five players and still managed to make it a game and only lose by three with a chance to tie at the buzzer. They showed they will be a tough team this season to deal with when they are at full strength. This week they should get back Peter Deplas and add him into the mix with Chris Albano, and Justin Dattolo will help this team. Deplas can stretch the floor with his shooting ability and handle the ball as well if needed. I expect Hoop Dreams to surprise some people this season because I think teams are sleeping on them and don’t realize how good they can be.



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