Terry Got Dunked On

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GILBERT DRAFT: Week 2 Power Rankings

By Adam Butler | Gilbert Media Associate

1. Team Christian (1-0)

No surprises here, as Adam and Christian top the Gilbert power rankings for like the 13th straight week. This season they add in the powerhouse Steve Terry, while adding in new guy Roderick Powell. Last week Roderick led the team in scoring with 35, while Christian added in an easy 28 and 12. Undefeated season again for Gilbert’s dynamic duo?

2. The Walking Techs (1-0)

Coming back with a vengeance was former top pick Desmond Floyd. TWT have probably the tallest team in the league, with probably the best (and shortest) shooting backcourt in the league. Desmond, Justin Chambers, and Kevin Martin are all 6’5-plus which will be crucial come playoff time. Take about 12 inches off their height, and you have sharpshooters Danny Dziedzic and Omar Duran. Definitely excited to see what this team can do. 

3. Thank U, Next (1-0)

Shout out Ariana Grande because last week DJ and Fran combined to have a HUUUUGE game that was unfortunately called short. Fran and DJ definitely look like a power duo that can compete with anyone in the league. The main question is.....will DJ ever score 40? 

4. Back Back Terry (1-0)

Draft debut for everyone on the team except for Zach Ries funny enough. It happened to work out pretty well for BBT though as they picked up the win. I’ve had verbal confirmation from Terry Riley that both he and Vigil will be averaging a triple-double this season. One game in, and we’re not looking great for Terry. He’ll have to have a pretty killer next few games to get back on track. PS: Terry got dunked on.

5. Got Juice? (1-0)

GJ was very impressive in the way that they came back from almost 20 down to win by 6. Ellis Krout has an impressive draft debut while scoring a team high 28 points and 14 rebounds. I wouldn’t expect them to do that every game, so they’ll definitely need help from first round pick Marlon Burnett 

6. Lycans (0-1)

I can definitely see the Lycans being pretty good, but last week they got cold at the wrong time. Tae Fox started the game 4-5 from deep and went 0-5 in the second half. Knowing Tae, that won’t stop him from shooting, nor should it. I imagine tonight he’ll shoot twice the 3s as last week and make a good percentage of them. 

7. EatsQ (0-1)

Stopped short last week because of a technical foul issue, EatsQ will be back this week with a chip on their shoulder. It was fun watching Terril Clayborne and Anthony Smith do what they do, and I think they’ll have a very solid squad with Darycke Brisby and Carlos Nosie backing them. They’re blowing someone out this season by like 40, I can feel it. 

8. Team Gary (0-1)

So, I like this team. But Fred and Steven Wess absolutely carried the squad as the only players who scored above 4 points. This week they may be missing ABA superstar Steven Wess so Fred Dudley will absolutely need help. Erick Booker wya?

9. Limitless (0-1)

Limitless? More like “limited”, am I right? Not looking good after Week 1. I think they genuinely have too many people that can score the ball, but not enough passes to go around. Lionel is definitely active on the boards, but they just need to make some shots. 60 points on 67 shots is....not good....at all. But still not bad enough to get to the bottom. 

10. Team James (0-1)

So here’s the thing, Chris Walker drafted for James Slabaugh’s team last year and they almost lost every game. Did we think that any Chris Walker-drafted team would be seeded any differently? Daylan Gaddis is still an absurd shooter, but he’ll definitely need help in the form of anything. Louis Barham is definitely a key piece for them, but it won’t help if there’s no chemistry. Could be another “yikes” of a season. 


7 p.m. - Lycans vs. The Walking Techs | The Walking Techs by 5

7 p.m. - Got Juice? vs. Team James | Got Juice by 12 

8 p.m. - Team Christian vs. Team Gary | Team Christian by 17

8:30 p.m. - Limitless vs. EatsQ | EatsQ by 14

9 p.m. - Back Back Terry vs. Thank u, next | Thank u, next by 1

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