Offensive Struggles Force Teams into the Basement of the Rankings

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TEMPE DRAFT:  Week 2 Power Rankings

By Dakota Browning-Dudley | Tempe Media Associate

1. Shut Up & Dribble

Word to Post Malone cause wow, this team is legit.  A resounding victory over The Sleepers in Week 1, even without captain JW Dunbar, earns this squad a spot on top of the rankings.  In my opinion, they have probably the best starting five in the state.  

2. The GOATS

Adam scams the draft yet again, stealing Angel Ung in the middle of the draft.  Another team with five solid players, which means no true weak spot in the starting lineup, one of the biggest determining factors of playoff success.   Who is gonna start the petition to ban Adam and Christian from being on the same team again?

3. KC

The nameless bunch is off to a nice start.  Justin De Windt holding his team back per usual, one point away from 10, otherwise everyone that played would’ve been in double figures including FOURTH-round pick Cameron Campbell leading the way with 34.  They still sleeping, Cam? 

4. Steel Curtain

Jason Tollefson’s draft night strategy appears to have panned out, for now at least.  Their hustle and grind mindset paid off, allowing the second fewest points last week.  Although the offense is still a work in progress, this team is better than expected.  They have a real chance to move to number one defensively this week.  

5. Straight Business 

Although I do believe things would’ve played out differently if Casey Morgan had played, Straight Business is king of the loser’s side of the power rankings this week.  I don’t really expect this team to stay this low all season.  

6. Death Row

DJ Keene heard Adam Butler say this team had no scorers and definitely proved him wrong, matching his career high with 37 points.  On the other hand…not much scoring outside of DJ and Jordan Sisk.  

7. The Sleepers

Crikey this team looks rough.  Scoring was hard to come by for The Sleepers, as they had only two players shooting above 40 percent last week (not to brag, but I am one of them).  Do better.  

8. Bird-Box Out Your Man

Out-rebounded by 13, looks like the guys boxing out must’ve actually been doing the #BirdboxChallenge.  This team needs a mid-level replacement and should be fine long term, but for now they’re in the basement.


8 p.m. - Death Row vs Straight Business | Straight Business by 21

8 p.m. - Bird-Box Out Your Man vs The Sleepers | The Sleepers by 6

9 p.m. - Steel Curtain vs Shut Up & Dribble | Shut Up & Dribble by 9

9 p.m. - KC vs The Goats | The Goats by 13

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