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GREEN VALLEY VET B: Week 1 Predictions

By Michael Palmer | Green Valley Media Associate

RudeDogs vs. Old School

 Alexander Gonzalez and Old School will look to make an early statement tonight as they'll face Dan Orozco's RudeDogs. It will be interesting to see who will be back from the RudeDogs; perhaps James Rice will make his return. Regardless of who comes back, I believe that Gonzalez, Brian Stanton and maybe even Dan Lumello will power their way to a victory.

Prediction: Old School -4.5

Boozers vs. Buckeyes

We're going to have quite the battle as Joe Paulk and the Buckeyes will square off against Greg Goorjian and the Buckeyes. In order for the Boozers to have a legitimate shot at winning, they will need to have their big man Jason Salerno suit up and be ready to roll. He's truly a difference-maker each and every game and the Boozers will rely on him a lot. Goorjian will also be a big threat for the Boozers, as he has a smooth mid-range jumper and is a key facilitator. The Buckeyes have Paulk, who can light it up from downtown, Paul Boag, who's a beast all the time, Paul Sexton, who can get the game going and Rob Murphy who makes tough shots. I feel like Dominic Pedotto will also be a beast all game long and carry the Buckeyes to a win.

Prediction: Buckeyes -6.5