It's One vs. Two for the Vet League Championship


SYOSSET, NY: Vets League Championship Game Prediction

By Anthony Leo | Syosset League Coordinator

It’s championship time in Syosset once again. Who will raise the vets league summer banner? Tune in at 8:45 tonight to find out!

The summer season championship game is finally here and we have a great matchup between the top two seeds. The Ballerz will take on Lets Do This for the summer season title. Lets Do This enters the game tonight with an 8-1 record and the Ballerz enter with a 6-3 record. In the regular season these two teams faced off in week four and Lets Do This was able to win that game 75-59 behind 34 points from Brandon Dominick. Tonight Dominick and Lets Do This will look to make a repeat of that week four game. The Ballerz have improved as a team since their last matchup and now rank second in the league in points and points allowed. They have won games this season because of their ability to play defense and be versatile. They can switch a lot on defense to make it easier to defend other teams. Hassan Fuller and Anthony Melzi are two of the more versatile players in the league who have size and the athleticism to guard 1-5 on the floor.

Tonight the Ballerz will have their hands full trying to stop the high powered offense of Lets Do This. It’s no secret that Brandon Dominick has been the best player in the league this season putting up monster numbers. He leads a Lets Do This team that has shooters all over the floor. They have by far the best back court in the league with Adam Sutton and Dominick and adding Q to the mix as a big man who can step out and knock down shots opens up driving lanes. If Lets Do This gets it going from the outside it’s really tough to beat them. In the end the key to this game is how the Ballerz choose to defend Dominick and Sutton because nobody has been able to slow them down to this point. For the Ballerz to win this game they need to keep the scoring in the low 60’s. They simply cant allow this game to get into the high 70’s where Lets Do This wants it to be. 
PICK: Let’s Do This

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