Ajax Finals Predictions


Ajax: Finals Predictions

By Chad Hines | Ajax League Coordinator

Championship Game 9:00pm – No Flex Zone vs. Young Gunz

This is it!! This is what every player works hard for. The Summer League Championship game is tonight at 9 pm. It is a matchup that has a lot of storyline behind it. No Flex Zone are the number 1 seed, and only have two losses. Meanwhile the Young Gunz have been up and down all season long with quite a roller coaster of emotions, injuries, wins and losses and finished with the third seed. Here’s the kicker!

The only two losses NFZ had were to one team, and that team is…..wait for it….yup! Young Gunz. These two teams have battled all season going back and forth, and tonight will decide it all. NFZ does an excellent job of limiting their turnovers, while taking efficient shots. They have had a bully ball mentality all season, and have just beat up on teams because of it. Justin Lindo & Andrew Clarke are the nucleus of this team, and have a solid PG in Karim Pierre. If we go to the other side of the ball, and look at the Young Gunz. Their forte is being able to score the ball in bunches! They’ll hurt teams by going on big runs and put up 20 quick points in a matter of a few minutes.

The Charge is lead by Davion Parnsalu, and is anchored by new comer Caleb Beazer a.k.a Mr. Footwork! The one issue that could pose a problem might be the amount of threes that Young Gunz take. It will either be their gift or curse this evening, in what will definitely be the best game of the season!

All the chips are on the table, and Chad Hines is going All-In with the Young Gunz shooting their way into the record books. Rovonn Russell and Leon Anthony Christopher-Williams have gone All-In with the Bully Ball Specialists No Flex Zone.

Good Luck Gentlemen!!! It’s been an incredible season of Highlights and Hustle, but now it’s time to Go HARD or Go HOME.

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