Battle in the Bay Area


Roseville Summer 2018: Championship Prediction

By Devyn-James Harrell | Roseville Media Associate

Sac State vs Warriors

When this season’s rosters were first revealed, I don’t think it was ever a question of who would be playing for the title. Both Sac State and the Warriors have met and some would even argue, exceeded expectations. The teams play a similar brand of basketball with very similar rosters. Both teams are led by savvy veterans at the point guard position in Erik Thomas and Adam Casares, while both relying heavily on the scoring ability of their star shooting guards Tavion Rackley (Warriors) and Trevor McGhee (Sac State). As if the threats in the backcourt weren’t enough, these teams boast first team all leaguers at the five with Chad Sargent (Sac State) and Bryan Todd (Warriors).

Rackley and McGhee headline many viewers MVP race and will both look to put up big numbers to solidify their claims to the trophy. However, as impressive as both of these players have been, there are two dark horse candidates facing off tonight in Bryan Todd and Chad Sargent. If one of them happen to have a huge game, they could steal the award out from under Rackley and McGhee. Sac State was 0-2 when Sargent missed time this season, including an embarrassing 42 point loss to the Warriors. Bryan Todd has put up the best numbers of his career playing the center position for this Warriors club and his teammates would argue they wouldn’t be where they are without his contributions.

This should be a very entertaining and competitive championship game. On paper it appears to be one of the best matchups we have seen in a very long time. Chad Sargent puts up a 15 & 15 performance while McGhee has a huge game and Sac State edges out the Warriors, denying Thomas and Zaragoza’s bid for another title. Hornets win by 7.