Crucial Week for All Teams

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GREEN VALLEY DRAFT: Week 7 Predictions

By Michael Palmer | Green Valley Media Associate

Captain America (1-5) vs. Hulk (2-3)

This will be a rematch from where three where Hulk beat Captain America by 13 points and it will be a very competitive game from the get-go. Both teams are coming off of tough losses and need some answers before the last week of the season. Hulk is a very fluid, agile team while Captain America is an aggressive three-point shooting team. What will it take for Hulk to slow down Captain America and limit them shooting from downtown? It will take man-to-man defense and I know that guys from Hulk like Daniel Bower, Marcus Wilson and Ben Carey will play exceptional defense.

Watch out for Hulk's Sam Earl to be a productive player in this matchup and perhaps surprise some people with his shooting accuracy. Wilson is an incredible shooter and has a solid jumper, so Captain America needs to guard him extra careful and not foul him.

Of course we'll see Kerry Knoll and Kenny McNeil attempt a lot of 3s and they must shoot them only when necessary. I want to see Captain America go inside more and feed the ball to the duo of Brian Stanton and Anthony Khotsikian. If they go to Stanton a lot, I have faith in him to make tough shots. At the end of the day, Hulk is simply the better team and I have them winning this one.

Prediction: Hulk -7.5

Spiderman (5-1) vs. Thor (3-3)

This will probably be the game of the week as the top-ranked Spiderman will square off against Thor. Spiderman beat Thor in Week 3 by 21 points as Charlie Farber put on a show for Spiderman scoring 31 points. I'm pretty sure he'll have a similar result tonight and if Thor can't stop him, they're going to be in trouble. Let's see how aggressive Vance Randall does from downtown as he shot 27 percent in the last meeting. I like his aggressiveness, but perhaps he needs to be more of a facilitator.

Watch out for the matchup between Spiderman's Josh Rollans and Thor's Dominic Pedotto as these two will of course battle it out down low. Will we also see Thor's Kodiak Yazzie try and stop Rollans down low? I'm really interested to see how Rollans plays if Yazzie does guard him. Juan Carter of Thor will need to have an exceptional game running the point and him and Randall will be an interesting matchup for sure. With Farber, Rollans and even RJ Wojowicz, Spiderman should come out victorious.

Prediction: Spiderman -6

Ironman (5-1) vs. Black Panther (1-4)

The last meeting between these two squads saw Ironman edge out a one-point win in overtime. I know that Black Panther will be pumped up to take on Ironman and man will this be fun to watch. The two players that will of course make big statements are Bernard Preston of Ironman and Anthony Livingston of Black Panther. Livingston is going to have to have his best game of the season if he wants to pull off the win. He recorded a solid double-double in the last meeting and will most likely do the same tonight. Stefan Hanania's only game he's missed this season was against Ironman and we should expect his arrival and play a big part in Black Panther's success. 

Ironman's Angel Castro scored a game-high 27 points in the last meeting and will look for some open 3s. Black Panther knows his game style and is going to have to guard him extra close. I want to see J.J. Todd score more points and Ironman needs to feed him the ball more. I know it was a close game last time, and it will be another close game tonight as I have Black Panther somehow pulling this thing off with Livingston sparking Black Panther.

Prediction: Black Panther +3