Massa Coastal the Team to Beat Heading into the Playoffs


WESTCHESTER: Week 8 Power Rankings

By Cody Martin | Westchester League Coordinator

1. Massa Coastal (6-1)

Seems like Massa will be at the top of the power rankings all season. Not much can stand in their way. With only one loss and one game left, they are going to be the No. 1 seed headed into the playoffs. Boy I do not want to be the team that will have to play them.

2. Mazzacone Drainers (4-3)

Mazzacone has worked all season and for the first time they are this high in the rankings. With team unity and serious offensive threats they have proven to be a very strong team. Hopefully that will fare well in the playoffs.

3. ManDown (4-3)

Coming off a tough overtime win, ManDown has shown some life this season. Hopefully that win turns things around for them because they are going to have a tough time come playoffs if they aren’t at full strength.

4. Shake & Bake (3-4)

After a strong win and dominating performance last week Shake & Bake are looking good heading into the end of the season and if anyone could pull off a rally it’s Antione Johnson and Dave Capers. Seasoned vets who have multiple championships under their belt. They win in the playoffs and are looking to do that again this season.

5. Illmatic (2-5)

Illmatic drops slightly this week and are now fifth this week after a tough hard fought loss to ManDown last week. It was an overtime loss and it was very close, but they just couldn’t hold on. I think they’ll finish off strong going into the playoffs, but only time will tell.

6. ’98 Knicks (2-5)

Another unfortunate loss last week keeps them down at the bottom of the power rankings this week. They have a lot of work to do to prove otherwise, but with the playoffs so close I think they should focus on getting their game plan down along with keeping their better players healthy.