Justice League Sneak by and Take First Place Heading into the Last Week.


SHELBY REC LEAGUE: Week 8 Power Rankings

By Mckinsey Golfin | Shelby League Coordinator

1. Justice League (5-2)

Coming into the last week of the regular season, Justice League is at the top of the charts with last game defeating Dat Ain’t Fair with a close game of 83-81. Last game, big man Shane Ellis posted a double-double with 26 points and 12 rebounds. Next game, Justice League looks to secure the top spot in the playoffs as they battle it out against Goblin Skillz.

2. All or Nothing (4-3)

As All or Nothing have struggled to fill their roster, they still continue to push through with each and every game they play. Jawuan Doggett played tough as he managed to score 15 points and get 3 steals last game. With a spot for the playoffs on the line as we approach the next game, All or Nothing is going to have to give it all they got if they look to advance to the postseason.

3. Goblin Skillz (4-3)

After a tough loss last week against BBB, Goblin Skillz is now in a three way tie for second place with a 4-3 record. The team played tough as Vaughan Gray showed his offensive skills with 29 points. As they face the number-one team, Justice League. They look to knock them off of their top spot, and secure a spot in the playoffs.

4. Dat Ain’t Fair (4-3)

DAF dominated in the beginning of the season with winning their first four games, but recently have struggled the last three games coming up on the losing end. Last game, DeMarco Paige dropped 28 points, but it wasn’t enough as they fell to Justice League by two points. Coming into the last game of the regular season, they look to gain that winning mentality back as they play All or Nothing for one of the final spots in the playoffs. 

5. Y-Lie (3-4)

Last week, after their second time defeating All or Nothing this season, Y-Lie is looking to do whatever it takes to secure a spot in the playoffs. Last game, Y-Lie’s Johnnie Brown led his team with a double-double with 14 points and 15 rebounds. This week as they take on BBB, Y-lie is going to need a win if they want to possibly secure a spot in the playoffs. 

6. Balkan Brother Brand (1-6)

After the game of the night last week, BBB finally gained their first win of the season. Both teams were neck and neck the entire game. With a few seconds on the clock, Alfonzo Eggleston inbounded the ball to Devon Keating, who swooped passed the defense for the game-winning layup. The young talent on this team shined as Devon finished with 33 points and 6 rebounds, and Alek Kume ended with 29 points and 12 rebounds. With the strong, young core on this team, we will hopefully see them return next season, back and stronger than ever. 

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