Can #LOYALTY Get Revenge?

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SAN ANTONIO: First Round Playoff Predictions

By Pat Fridley | San Antonio Co-League Coordinator

7:15 p.m. - No. 5 Sicko Mode vs No. 4 Hit Em' Up

Sicko Mode left it all on the court in Week 9, securing a playoff spot against Pain in a "must win" situation. Their reward? A date with a tough Hit Em' Up squad.

Regular Season Result: Week 5: Hit Em' Up wins 88-80

Hit Em' Up played a great game, which included a second half comeback led by the trio of Durrell Norman, Agustin Zurita, and Jake Schifani. Key contributions from all of their players, plus their stellar defense was all that was needed to earn the win. 

Sicko Mode held a lead for a while, but eventually let it slip (as has been the case all season). Antuan Bootle and Sean Dockery did their jobs, as both provided 20-plus points, but it wasn't enough. 

Both teams have been better recently, especially Sicko Mode, as they have been playing their best ball leading into the playoffs. We should be in for a treat with these two, and we hope both teams will be fully rostered. It'll be a huge blow to Hit Em' Up if Durrell Norman can't lace em' up. 

8:15 p.m. - No. 6 Pain vs No. 3 LOYALTY

At one point, LOYALTY was in such a slump that the former "Finals Favorite" looked like it might finish in bottom of the standings, and at another point, Pain looked like the favorite for the odd man out of the playoff race. Yet here we are, with LOYALTY getting back into the top tier, while Pain is a team that nobody should want to face in the post season. 

Regular Season Result: Pain wins 85-79

LOYALTY just couldn't get it going in this one. Though it was close most of the game, Pain boasts a dominant Chris Daniels whom forces you to figure out how you want to play them. LOYALTY chose doubling down on Daniels at the expense of leaving shooters open. It didn't work out so well, as they couldn't score when they got scored on. 

Pain responded to LOYALTY's game plan by way of Sean Evans having a career 30-point night, while Devon Richards poured in 14 points from the perimeter as well.

We're curious to see how LOYALTY defends Pain in this one. Will they dare Sean Evans to shoot again, or will they respect the shooters, leaving Daniels room to operate one-on-one? We love having rematches in the postseason.