Battle for the Two Seed


DALLAS: Week 8 Predictions

By Travis Hill | Dallas Media Associate


6:30 P.M. - BYA (4-3) v The Shockers (3-4)

Coming off a strong performance and a chance to earn the No. 2 seed make this a dangerous week for any team to play BYA, especially a team as inconsistent as The Shockers have been this season. Look for this game to be competitive, while BYA pulls out a close one.  

Prediction: BYA 88, The Shockers 85


7:30 P.M. - The Morning Crew (2-4) v Free Agents (0-6)

It is looking like The Morning Crew won’t even have to show up to the arena to claim this victory as the prediction is the Free Agents will forfeit.

Prediction: The Morning Crew 2, Free Agents 0


8:30 P.M. - Scoregasms (5-2) v Side Hustle (4-3)

Following a tough loss, look for the Scoregasms to bounce back with a strong showing in this one.  But the Side Hustle has the ability to go punch for punch with the Scoregasms, especially if their three ball is hitting.  With both teams eyeing the No. 2 seed with a victory look for this to be the matchup of the week, and a very up-tempo, high-scoring affair.

Prediction: Scoregasms 97, Side Hustle 91

9:30 P.M. - Dem Boyz (3-4) v Saggy Jammers (6-1)

These are two teams who have been headed in opposite directions this season as Dem Boyz have gone from champions to middle of the standings, while the Jammers have established themselves as the team to beat this season.  Look for trends to continue as the Jammers are poised to win this contest and head into the playoffs at 7-1.

Prediction: Saggy Jammers 95, Dem Boyz 92

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