The Lakers Have a New Power Forward Who can Score, MERRY CHRISTMAS

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CHARLOTTE: Week 9 Power Rankings

By Justin Polley | Charlotte League Coordinator

After eight weeks, the Heat remain undefeated, but don’t look untouchable. The Lakers have a power forward who can score with the best of them in the league and might be just what they need to make a title run. Check out the power rankings and see how teams have settled in to their new rankings before Christmas break hits in the Charlotte Draft League. 

1. TEAM HEAT (7-0)

An off night for Jerome Lynch? No problem, Rishawn Brown and company picked up the slack and continued to squeak out wins. One more win and the Heat will complete a perfect regular season. That last win will have to come against the new and improved Lakers, this week in the regular season finale for the Heat. Look for Jerome Lynch to get back on track with scoring and Rishawn Brown to continue to be, “Mr. Do It All.”

2. TEAM LAKERS (3-3)

The late addition of Carlton Holmes has really paid dividends for the Lakers, who currently sit at .500. Carlton, in only his second game, put the Lakers on his back and carried them to an overtime win vs. Nets. In the game he finished with 33 points, and pair that with Tim Hartman’s 22 points, and you have a dynamic scoring combo that could carry them to the Winter League Championship.

3. TEAM NETS (3-4)

Coming off a loss, the Nets still come in at No. 3 due to beating the Warriors two weeks prior. You could easily flip/flop the Nets and Warriors in this week’s power ranking. The Nets had the Lakers all but beat in Week 8, but let them slip away late in the fourth and OT. A much needed rest for the Nets this week allows for their aging bodies to rest and relax before Week 10 and the playoffs. Look for this team to continue to make a push for the No. 2 seed.


After starting the season 3-0, the Warriors are currently on a three-game skid. This is the reason they are currently sitting as the No. 4 ranked team. In the past few weeks Ali and company have not all been on the same page as prior weeks. Last week they had a hard fought game against the Heat, in which they fell a point short of upsetting the No. 1 team in the league. Look for the Warriors to start slowing games down and methodically beating teams down the stretch, if performed correctly.

5. TEAM KNICKS (0-6)

The Knicks continue to round out the power rankings in Charlotte, but if you asked the guys on the team, they know they are better than their 0-6 record shows. I look for the Knicks to be a scary team for whoever has to play them in the play-in game for the playoffs. They have young and old legs that can shoot the 3 ball, which can hurt teams if they catch fire.


Week 9 Predictions

7 p.m. – Knicks (0-6) vs. Warriors (3-3): Warriors by 4

8 p.m. – Heat (7-0) vs. Lakers (3-3): Lakers by 6

HAPPY HOLIDAYS GUYS, from Justin Polley and all of the Ultimate Hoops Family