Last Season's Championship Rematch. Can Justice League Repeat?

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SHELBY: Championship Game Prediction

By Mckinsey Golfin | Shelby League Coordinator

7 p.m. - Justice League vs. Goblin Skillz

The time has come for the last game of the season, the championship game. Glancing back at last season when Justice League and Goblin Skillz battled it out in a tough matchup, only for Goblin Skillz to fall short at the end. This will be the third meeting this season with each team having one victory. This goes to show how important this game truly is. 

Taking a look at both teams, Justice League have shown to be a threat this season with the strong core and supporting cast. With a team of seven talented players, they have proved to be able to work together and be tough competitors this season. As for Goblin Skillz, they have shown their strengths between their strong offensive talents. They average 86.3 points as a team and their sharp-shooting skills have put them at the top of the power rankings. As the final game approaches, we will see if Goblin Skillz will come for revenge in this final game, or if Justice League can repeat their victory. 

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