Will it be Twice as Nice? Or Defending Champs on Ice?

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AJAX: Championship Prediction

By Chad Hines | Ajax League Coordinator


9 p.m. – No Flex Zone vs. Sounders FS

Like the article title says….will it be twice as nice? Or will it be defending champs on ice? Only two possible outcomes will come out of this exciting matchup tonight as we head into the championship game of the 2018 Fall Ultimate Hoops Season. The reigning champs of summer season No Flex Zone has once again bullied their way to the number-one seed in these playoffs and will now have the opportunity to claim glory for a second straight season. NFZ continues to work away at teams over the long stretch of games, and stay consistent with being aggressive and attacking the paint. Justin Lindo anchors this squad, and he has a solid supporting cast that picks up the remaining slack. NFZ Bangs, and NFZ hustles. If you’re not built to handle their bully ball winning formula, then you might as well pack it in and not bother stepping out onto the Battlefield, NFZ is war ready.

Sounders FS made their Ultimate Hoops debut this fall. This squad is made up of a bunch of savvy vets from former Ultimate Hoops teams, and have come together for one objective…stop NFZ. Sounders are legitimately built to Bang with No Flex Zone. They may even be bigger than NFZ. This squad has a dynamic backcourt made of strength, speed and determination. Dave Mills and Jovan Bailey attack from all angles, and the front line is just as mean with Robert Baptiste and Yassir Saleh locking up the paint. What separates Sounders FS from No Flex Zone right now, is the offensive punch that they deliver every game off of the bench. This punch has a name, and that name is Arjay De Guzman. If Arjay is locked in and the starting lineup is doing what they are capable of doing, NFZ will definitely have more than just their hands full.

This Fall Finals will surely be one to remember, and to choose a flat out winner is not an easy task. However, seeing as how a winner must be predicted, Chad Hines will have to go all-In with Sounders FS. A repeat for NFZ will be denied this fall season based on the simple fact that NFZ is missing their “Everything Guy” in Tristan Sawh. Tristan gives NFZ the extra bit of depth needed to beat a team built like the Sounders, and for that reason, and that reason alone. Sounders will be the 2018 Ultimate Hoops Fall Season Champs!

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