Setting the Table for Playoffs

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WESTMINSTER: Week 9 Predictions

By Greg Loomis | Westminster League Coordinator

7 p.m. - Tha Crew (5-2) vs Long Shots (3-4) 

This should be a match up between two teams looking to head into the playoffs on a W. Long Shots are looking to bounce back after the loss to Oh Boy and Tha Crew is looking to keep rolling after the win over MGTOW. Both teams are guard heavy with Duvalier Johnson and Jaliel Randle. And Kevin Love on Tha Crew has been cooking and led the team on both sides of the ball. Duvailier controls the tempo as Jaliel shoots the lights out and Kevin locking down and creating on both ends. Brad Elliot, Joey McLain and Griifin Yopp are the three guards Long Shots are leaning on. All three have been on the low end of scoring but know how to turn it on. And the last game of the season is no time better to get it going. They will be out matched with speed but have the basketball I.Q to match.

Prediction: If Tha Crew can slow down Derek Elliot they should have no problem, but if he is cooking and other guys join in they may be able to pull of the W. Tha Crew by 12

7 p.m. - Oh Boy (4-3) vs Hand Down...Man Down (2-5)

The matchups for this event could size up to be pretty good if Hand Down...Man Down can rally the troops to face Oh Boy. Both teams rank high in points allowed so this might be a defensive affair. Aaron Townsend for Oh Boy has been heating up the last couple of weeks and the return of Eric Belsar has given them a little more pop. Hand Down needs to recover from their forfeit as myself and Nader Nizam were the only two in the gym. Oh Boy has been known to let teams stay close, now would not be the best time to do so considering they need this win. Hand Down is going to need to play uptempo and keep up if they want a chance. 

Prediction: These are both my teams so this one is tough to pick but, Oh Boy has more talent. Oh Boy by 8.

8 p.m. - The Hoopers (1-7) vs Fire Squad Elite (6-1) 

The Hoopers vs Fire Squad Elite is a David vs Golith matchup. Fire Squad is too fire right now with Tyler Converse and Zach Snyder rolling the way they have. Tyler has four 35-plus point games and Zach has three to four 20-rebound games. The Hoopers plain ol' don't have anyone to stop those two. Rammy Alabssi, Joe Vigil and Chris Ellis have been holding down the fort but that's about it. They haven't been able to slow anyone down and are at the low end of points per game. This should be a fast-paced game.

Prediction: Fire Squad Elite by 25

8 p.m. - Bucket Getterz (3-4) vs MGTOW (5-2)

I can see this game going either way between MGTOW vs the Bucket Getterz. Both teams have had some killer games against the other teams but now time to square off with each other. Marvin Augustin is looking to get his guts back on track as he and Thomas Rowland were the only two to get going last week in the loss. Lets see if this week they can get Sam Stovel or Denzel Washinton to pitch in. Bucket Getterz are hoping Myron Puryear and Jarrett Green can get it together as both had trouble getting out the gates last week. Equally matched I feel if both teams are at full strength.

Prediction: MGTOW by 15

9 p.m. - Impact Basketball (6-1) vs Under Dogs (0-7) 

Impact gets the Under Dogs for the last game of the season. This one is going to be a blowout if Rodney Anderson and Under Dogs don't have their ducks in a row. Impact brings the heat and could potentially set some records in this one. There is no way Under Dogs can stop Beau Barney, Andre Himes,  Imran Sufi or Ryan Matthews. Too much skill against a bunch of guys on a free agent team.

Prediction: Impact by 20 plus.