The Final Four - Winner Takes Home Everything in 2018

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DALLAS: Championship Week Power Rankings

By Travis Hill | Dallas Media Associate


Before the start of the Winter Season -- we saw one of the wildest Free Agencies in Dallas History.  Veterans abandoning their legacy teams…foes of foes, coming to terms and letting bygones be bygones…Then we witnessed new faces, new lineups -- that gave their squads a fighting chance.

But, when the chaos settled, and rosters were finalized -- there were only five real contenders.  And now, only four remain. So, without further ado, the championship week power rankings:


1. Saggy Jammers

After losing All-Star Alex Baird, we thought we'd seen the last of them, but through high school friendships this team has stuck together and earned the No. 1 seed into the playoffs.  The Jammers are fueled by veterans Bryan Rollins and Ryan Zea -- and all poses a competitiveness that started on the Black-Top at Recess.  Their run back to UH glory continues with their semifinal matchup against Side Hustle. 

2. Side Hustle

Fast. Strong. Physical. Shooters.  The majority of their roster has been together for quite some time -- the addition of Ari Stern provides them with the third option behind the arc that they were always missing.  They’ll remind you of Fraternity Bro's in college – late in games, they wear down their opponents and coast to victories with deep 3s and easy layups.  Hopefully that recipe will be enough to get them past the Saggy Jammers and into the championship game.

3. Scoregasms

With a roster of nine players and no true leader to direct them, the Scoregamsms appeared to be a recipe for disaster. Even though they have numerous "personalities", here they are, one game away from a familiar spotlight. With the addition of EJ and Nick Choate, they have become a matchup nightmare for any squad.  But, will they be able to remain focused and keep their composure late in their semifinal match up against BYA?

4. BYA

With the top offseason free agent acquisition of Mike Swisher, BYA had the rest of the league shaking in their boots. And yet, this team hasn't delivered on expectations.  Built on length, communication, and shooters, BYA find themselves back in the semifinals and two wins away from another championship banner. The team currently standing in their way are the Scoregasms in their semifinal match up this week.

5. Dem Boyz

The defending champs unfortunately got out-lasted in their quarterfinal matchup due to a skeleton roster and the absence of former MVP Jemarri Gunn. Truth be told, this team full strength is nothing to mess with. However, Mr. GM himself, Maxx Nakwaasah just didn't have enough to carry his team back to the promise land.

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