Key Games To Decide It All

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GREEN VALLEY VET B: Week 9 Predictions

By Michael Palmer | Green Valley Media Associate

GoodFellas (4-3) vs. Buckeyes (5-2)

The well-rested Buckeyes will face the veteran GoodFellas in what shall be a physical contest. Will we see Joe Paulk of the Buckeyes tonight. He hasn't played since week four and if he doesn't suit up, the Buckeyes will have a lot of work to do. Dominic Pedotto has been a key addition for the Buckeyes and has filled in the role of Paulk in his absence. Watch out for Paul Boag and Paul Sexton to deliver a lot in this one, but if they can't get by some of the bigger players on the GoodFellas, they will be in trouble. I know that Anthony Becker will be aggressive from the get-go and get to the free throw line a lot. 

Chris Ford will be an MVP nominee as he's scoring at will as he leads the team in scoring with 28 PPG. He's also leading the team in rebounds (14.2) and assists (6.7), so he'll be looked at quite often by the Buckeyes. Perhaps Brent Husson will be double-teamed down low and I really like his game a lot. The GM Stefan Hanania will make a big statement for the GoodFellas and get a crucial win.

Prediction: GoodFellas -4

OOMG (6-1) vs. Bhoudini (7-0)

The last time these two power-house teams played against each other, Bhoudini came out winners in a two-point overtime thriller. What will it take for both teams to slow down each other all game long? It's going to take a lot of energy, passion and commitment. Some matchups to look out for are Jim Reilly of Bhoudini and Josh Rollans of OOMG, Michael Carboni of OOMG vs. Charlie Farber of Bhoudini and Daniel Bower of Bhoudini and Sam Earl of OOMG. All three of these matchups will be great to watch and they'll challenge each other on every single possession. Farber only scored nine points in the previous matchup, but his other guys stepped up and delivered in the clutch. Let's see if Kenny McNeil makes a difference for OOMG as he also scored nine points himself. 

Watch out for Bhoudini's Edwin Urbina and RJ Wojowicz to make a statement and grab some key rebounds. Urbina grabbed 15 rebounds in the previous matchup and this is saying a lot for a point guard. I can go on and on taking about these two teams, but I believe that Bhoudini will finish the season undefeated and win anther close game, perhaps overtime again. 

Prediction: Bhoudini -3