Bottom Tier Teams Shine

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GREEN VALLEY DRAFT: Week 8 Power Rankings

By Michael Palmer | Green Valley Media Associate

1. Spiderman (6-1)

Spiderman cruised to another win, this time against Thor in a 90-71 final. Charlie Farber led the way scoring a game-high 34 points on 15 rebounds, good enough for his fifth double-double of the season. L.C. Comine was feeling it from downtown as he drilled six treys for 18 points, while Josh Rollans earned his fifth double-double of the season with 15 points on 16 rebounds. They out-rebounded Thor 53-28 and were animals out there. They'll have one more shot at securing that No. 1 spot this week with a win.

2. Ironman (5-2)

Ironman couldn't capture the win against Black Panther as they lost by nine points. They're lucky that they remain at the No. 2 spot and will need some answers next week. Against Black Panther, Sean Watkins scored a game-high 21 points on five made 3s, while Roberto West got himself 18 points. They were without Angel Castro in this one and really could've used his 3-point shooting. Ironman only collected 24 rebounds and they must pick it up in the paint and secure that boards.  

3. Thor (3-4)

After winning two straight games, Thor fell to Spiderman, losing by 19 points. This game was a solid, all-around hot potato kind of game as Thor had 22 assists, while Spiderman recorded 23 of them. Juan Carter led the way for Thor scoring 24 points, while Kodiak Yazzie got himself 19 points on 12 rebounds and eight assists. Dominic Pedotto shot 50 percent from the field and scored 17 points, however, Thor as a team shot 38 percent from the field and need to work of their shooting accuracy towards the latter part of the season.

4. Black Panther (2-4)

I had a feeling that Black Panther would pull off the win against Ironman as they won by a 75-66 final. Stefan Hanania had a solid game scoring a team-high 19 points on 10 rebounds, while Anthony Livingston had a superb game getting himself 16 points on 10 assists. Let's not forget about the game that Eric Redeaux had as he scored 18 points on 15 rebounds, while Robert Lew got himself 17 points on three made 3s. Great win for Black Panther.

5. Hulk (2-4)

Hulk had a incredible rebounding game as they grabbed 65 boards, but somehow Captain America was making their threes as Hulk lost by 26 points. Ben Carey scored a team-high 31 points on 10 rebounds and 16 assists, good enough for his first triple-double of the season. He made a trio of 3s, but only shot 21 percent from downtown. Marcus Wilson got himself 29 points on 24 boards, while Lamont Harris Jr. scored 17 points on 10 rebounds. There final two games will be crucial for the rankings come playoff time.

6. Captain America (2-5)

Wow did Captain America have a shooting feast against Hulk. Kerry Knoll scored a season-high 49 points on 14 made threes en route to a 118-92 win. Anthony Khotsikian also was a beast in this one as he scored a season-high 32 points on 24 rebounds, while Kenny McNeil was also a three-point machine making nine of them for 29 points and also got himself 10 assists. It was an impressive stat-filled contest for Captain America and they will need some help along the way if they want to move up in the rankings.