85 Points...For One Player

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GREEN VALLEY OPEN: Week 7 Power Rankings

By Michael Palmer | Green Valley Media Associate

1. Flight Vegas (6-0)

Flight Vegas won both of their games by a combined three points. They beat JYD 117-16 followed by a 113-111 win over against the Villains. Vernon Clemens has the most points for Flight Vegas in both games as he scored 23 points against JYD and 30 points against the Villains. I'm really liking what I'm seeing out of Flight Vegas this season as they posses a solid lineup each and every game. Will they finish the regular season undefeated? 

2. Villains (4-3)

The RudeDogs went 2-0 last week as they beat the RudeDogs 150-117 and defeated JYD 157-103. Wow did Andreu Johnson have a game to remember as he put up a career-high 85 points against the RudeDogs. He made an incredible 27 3s and was simply feeling it all game long. Josh McCarver also had a great game against JYD as he went 12-13 from the field and got himself his second double-double of the season with 29 points and 17 boards. The Villains deserve to move up to the No. 2 spot and have one more shot at remaining the No. 2 seed for he playoffs. 

3. UnderDogs (3-2)

The UnderDogs couldn't afford to lose another game, but they did as they fell to Flight Vegas by two points. What hurt them was they were down by 14 points at the half, but never gave up and outscored Flight Vegas by 12 points. John Loy led the UnderDogs in scoring with 40 points while Adam Rellah got himself 30 points on eight made 3s. Duelle Gore collected his third double-double of the season as he put up 19 points on 10 rebounds. These next three games for them will be crucial and I know that they will do everything they can to show teams that they are capable of competing until the very end.

4. JYD (2-4)

JYD lost both of their games last week as they fell to Flight Vegas by one point and were crushed by the Villains. In the game against Flight Vegas, the duo of Eric Redeaux and Anthony Livingston scored 28 points apiece, while Cris Cockrell got himself 27 points. Rebounding was an issue for them as they only collected 17 of them against Flight Vegas, but they picked it up and collected 38 rebounds against the Villains. They have to win their final two games of the season if they want to be ranked in the top half of the rankings once the playoffs begin.

5. RudeDogs (2-5)

The RudeDogs went 1-1 last week as they fell to the Villains, but stepped things up a notch and beat Ball 4 Life with a 98-79 final. Travis Sobers played his first game since Week 2 and put up 30 points against the RudeDogs. He shot 83 percent from the field and went 6-8 from the charity stripe. Matt Darcel scored a game-high 31 points and Lamond Murray had a solid game as the NBA veteran got himself 30 points. They will need some help along the way and of course a couple of wins if they want to move up in the rankings come playoff time. 

6. Ball 4 Life (1-4)

Tough one for Ball 4 Life as they had only had four players suit up against the RudeDogs as they lost by 19 points. Mark Trevino was the leading scorer for Ball 4 Life as he scored 28 points and made six shots from downtown. Josh Ross collected his second double-double of the season as he put up 19 points on 11 rebounds. They were without arguably their best player in Milos Knezevic as hopefully he'll return this week and spark Ball 4 Life.