If You're Not First, You're Last

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WESTMINSTER: Week 8 Power Rankings

By Greg Loomis | Westminster League Coordinator

1. Fire Squad Elite (5-1)

The No. 1 team in Westminster is Fire Squad Elite, holding firm on a four-game win streak coming off bye. They still are first in points scored (111.3), rebounds (45.3), assists (23.5) and steals (12.8). This team has got it all going for them right now. Fire Squad might be takin' a trip to Title Town in the next couple of weeks.

2. MGTOW (5-1)

MGTOW was on bye as well, still sitting at 5-1 mark with two other teams. They are second in points scored (97.7) and first in points allowed (79.5). Another huge piece to their puzzle is Marvin Augustin, who has a nice 26 points, 15 rebounds and 4.8 assists a game season going. As long as they have Marvin and the rest of the guys like Thomas Rowland and Denzel Washington hitting shots taking pressure off everyone else, they may have something to say about who takes home the title this season.

3. Impact Basketball (5-1)

Impact got back to business taking on Tha Crew, leaving them with the L and leap frogging them in the standings. Rob Dobson, Andre Hines, & Beau Barney all with 20-plus. Impact has slowly kicked it back into gear and sitting pretty as we near to the playoffs. Two-game win streak and the fact they are still defending champs is all good signs for this squad.

4. Tha Crew (4-2)

Instead of taking the forfeit over Impact, Tha Crew decided that they would play them at full strength. It cost Tha Crew the W and lost by nine. This bumped them in the standings but set the bar for where the team needs to be. Third in points scored (94.8) and the biggest team improvement stat would be first in assists with 23.5. Tha Crew has totally turned things around this season. They are one or two plays away from being at the top.

5. Long Shots (3-3)

On the late night creep is the Long Shots, riding high a two-game win streak and are at the top of the log jam in the middle of the standings. 83-76 over the Hoopers and the man, the myth, the legend trainer, Derek Elliot, with another 30-point plus game. This is Derek's third season back and he is becoming a force all on his own. With Tyler Kloepfer protecting the rim and the guards flying around they might be able to take a shot at the Crown with a good seed. 

6. Oh Boy (3-3)

On bye with a hand full of teams was Oh Boy, and they are still in the mix. These last couple games will be huge to the future of this team. They are looking to stay in the middle of the pack so a must win mentality is key. Deandre Molden, Aaron Townsend and Vince Rogers don't want to throw this season to the wind so they will need to pull together. Third in points allowed at 80.0 and assists with 17.7 So some good numbers to work with. At the end of the day the W's are what matter.

7. Bucket Getterz (3-3)

This team might have benefited the most off the bye after losing two straight. Looking to recapture the flash they had early in the season with Myron Puryear and Daniel Prieto. Myron is still ranked nationally after three huge games. And with Daniel they have support against the size some of the other teams bring. Lets hope for them Erick is able to bring the full roster back. To me, one of the scariest teams at full strength. Bucket Getterz are in the last spot with the rest of the teams that are at 3-3. Wins get you a better playoff spot.

8. Hand Down...Man Down (2-4)

Picking up the W at the right time was Hand Down...Man Down. Pulling off the victory over the Under Dogs 113-87. Led by Greg Loomis with 24 points, 11 rebounds and 12 assists. It's a game they needed to win and they did. Hand Down was flirting with missing the playoffs there for a second. Play short handed and a rotating roster has killed this season for them. They can only hope to pick up a win or two to not face the one or two seed. If Hand Down gets any type of match up like that and they're toast.

9. The Hoopers (1-6)

The Hoopers went from being the most feared team to Tiny Tim all in a three month period. Chris Ellis tried to ban the troops together but lost too much in D.J Robinson and Mitchell Vanlandingham. Joe Vigil has been steady all season as well as Chris but, it hasn't been enough. Need two wins to secure a playoff spot. They probably need to start with getting a full roster than worrying about wins.

10. Under Dogs (0-7)

This has been one of the worst seasons for the free agent team the Under Dogs, losing for the seventh straight week by more than 30. You would think with a base of Adam Scharpf,  Rodney Anderson and Jason Kurtz they would be able to establish something but the lack of everyone showing up week in and week out has hurt the chemistry. They rank at the bottom in team stats so lets hope over the next two weeks they try to make the games close.