Lake Houston Live are Human?


CHAMPIONS: Week 4 Power Rankings

By Kevin Gill | Champions Media Associate

1. Lake Houston Live (3-0) 

Lake Houston has looked almost unfair a times, but for the first time they looked...dare I say....human? To be quite honest I wasn’t as mad as I should be about dropping 0-2 in last weeks pickems (3-3 overall). I know there’s no such thing as moral victories but it definitely plays to my narrative that they can be beat. Lake Houston Live needs to wake up. 😴😴😴

2. Alliance (2-1)

Has Alliance finally shook out of their funk? A pretty convincing win last definitely suggest that. They are still the defending champs let us not forget that, but I still have my reservations about this team. I’ll give them their due when they give me a better showing against you know who. They can move up one slot for now, but they are miles from the number 1 spot ✌🏾

3. Bulletts (1-2)

Bulletts suffered a tough defeat in Week 3, but there was for sure some silver lining from it. Having the No. 1 team in the league on the ropes is nothing to sneeze at. I still feel they are one piece away from dethroning the presumed champions. It would take a near perfect game with what the have, but hey anything is possible 🤷🏾‍♂️

4. Monstarz (0-3)

Monstarz fall to 0-3! As grim as it looks for them, there is one positive to come from this. Their winning percentage can’t get any worse. Charon Batiste  played decent last game and I know what said on the podcast, but if you saw the game you would understand the frustration. Shot selection, spacing, effort, turnovers, etc. A lot to ask from player to have to do everything. Help is on the way though, just wait on it 😏