Game of the Week - GoodFellas vs. Bhoudini

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GREEN VALLEY VET B: Week 5 Predictions

By Michael Palmer | Green Valley Media Associate

44 Minutes (0-4) vs. RudeDogs (1-3)

The struggling 44 Minutes will look for their first win of the season when they face the RudeDogs. There's not really a whole lot to discuss about this game except that the RudeDogs will have plenty of guys to stop 44 Minutes' guys and will put up a ton of points, especially from Evan Hunt and Anthony Khotsikian. 

Prediction: RudeDogs -12

Boozers (1-3) vs. Alcoballics (2-1)

Will we see some of the Boozers' veteran players like Greg Goorjian and Jason Salerno suit up against the Alcoballics? That's been a highly debatable question most of the season and I know that even if they do suit up, they'll have a tough time stopping the Alcoballics' Kerry Knoll and Robert Lew, not to mention the speed of Luis Maceira. I like what I see out of the Alcoballics in this matchup and they should have a solid game. 

Prediction: Alcoballics -4

Old School (2-2) vs. Those Guys (1-3)

Those Guys will have some players like Amanda Kelley and Hussain Hassanally make some threes and Zee Shan to score in double figures, but it's not going to be easy to stop Old School's veteran guys. Both teams don't score a whole lot of points, and this should be another low-scoring contest. Watch out for Old School's Brian Stanton to explode in the paint and perhaps even get a double-double for the win.

Prediction: Old School -6

GoodFellas (3-0) vs. OOMG (3-0)

This is hands down the game of the week as Stefan Hanania's GoodFellas will dual it out against OOMG. There's some quality players that will make a solid impact throughout the entire game as the GoodFellas' Christopher Ford and Jeff Jones score with ease and have sparked the GoodFellas all season long. Sam Michelli and Hanania fire up the GoodFellas and will have a a say in this game.

OOMG's Sam Earl and Michael Carboni are a strong one-two punch as Earl makes tough jumpers while Carboni will be a 3-pointer presence against a GoodFellas team that are similar in size. Juan Carter has teamed up with most of the guys on the GoodFellas and perhaps he'll known some of their characteristics and mindset in this one. There's something about Jones and Ford of the GoodFellas like I really like and they have my vote in winning this week.

Prediction: GoodFellas -3

Buckeyes (2-2) vs. Bhoudini (3-0)

Paul Sexton's Buckeyes will be looking at yet another bounce back game as they'll square off against Charlie Farber and Bhoudini. Bhoudini had themselves a great game two weeks ago against the Boozers and I know that Farber will be an impactful player from the start. We will probably see the Buckeyes' Dominic Pedotto contain Farber and I know that Pedotto will be up for the challenge. What will we see out of the Buckeyes' Joe Paulk? He's a dynamic 3-point shooter and goes in the clutch all the time.

Anthony Becker hasn't been the prolific scorer he's used to being, and maybe we'll see something special out of him. Bhoudini's Daniel Bower and Edwin Urbina will be guys that the Buckeyes can't sleep on, and I have a feeling Bower will draw a lot of fouls and make a statement all game long for the win.

Prediction: Bhoudini -3