All Bizness won't Struggle in a Back-to-Back


SCOTTSDALE DRAFT:  Week 5 Predictions 

By Dakota Browning-Dudley | Scottsdale Media Associate

A little changeup in the schedule due to court maintenance but we won’t let that slow us down.  I have all of tonight’s games staying within single digits so hopefully you guys don’t let me down and keep these ones competitive, it’s hard to sell tickets to blowouts.  

6 p.m. - All Bizness vs James Meng Talent Agency 

James Meng Talent Agency got the win the first time these teams matched up.  I don’t see history repeating itself tonight, however.  Rhett went 3-12 in the last matchup of these two, he’s sitting at 48 percent on the season so you would have to imagine his performance will be better this time around.  

Prediction:  All Bizness by 5

7 p.m. -  Views From the Swish vs All Bizness 

Jacob Langmeier had what seemed like his breakthrough game last week. Bad news is, I hear he won’t be in attendance tonight.  This leaves Views with a pretty big hole to fill, especially defensively.  Whoever gets the matchup advantage (I assume Bobby, Tristan or Don) will have to go to work and capitalize on Jacob’s absence. 

Prediction:  All Bizness by 8

8 p.m. - Muppets vs The Incredible Basketball Players

The battle for last.  Both teams holding it down with one win on the season, they should be motivated not to be on the bottom of next week’s power rankings.  The Incredible Basketball Players somehow have the second best scoring defense and I trust their scorers more than the Muppets’ options.  

Prediction:  The Incredible Basketball Players by 7

9 p.m. - Pup ‘N Suds vs Showtime

The streak is over, Showtime has finally taken their first L in blowout fashion.  Going up against a heating up Pup ‘N Suds team, Showtime could actually start a new streak, a losing one.  Also, is Jack making an MVP run??

Prediction: Pup ‘N Suds by 4