The Chris Walkers Continue to Disappoint their Namesake


GILBERT DRAFT: Week 6 Predictions 

By Adam Butler | Gilbert Media Associate

What’s up everyone, we’re back with our second draft game of the week after an exciting day of games on Sunday. Let’s get into these predictions. 

8 p.m. - Drip Too Hard vs. The Chris Walkers 

DTH continues to stay dominant in their run for an undefeated season, while TCW are having a bit of a different kind of season. James Slabaugh night keep Darycke Brisby busy on defense, but I don’t think TCW will have an answer for him on offense.  

Prediction: Drip Too Hard by 18 

8 p.m. - Full Court Pressure vs. D4G

I’ll tell you right now that if the ball is in Jason Case’s hands, magic happens. FCP has been on a tear lately and that includes last weeks 17-point win, despite shooting 11 percent from deep. Either way, with Brent Woods sitting out I expect a blowout. 

Prediction: Full Court Pressure by 19

9 p.m. - Terror Squad vs Roadrunners 

Tae Fox showed out on Sunday scoring 60 points, 10 rebounds and 6 assists. Marlon also played going 12-15 from inside. As long as he stays inside and leaves the shooting to Tae, they might have a chance to beat FCP...if they show up. 

Prediction: Roadrunners by 5

9 p.m. - Bombers vs. Generation Z 

This might be an interesting game. Despite Bombers getting blown out last week, they all had a pretty good game. We found out Daylan is human, and Mark Morgan put up a nice 30 piece. In another blowout loss, Jayton Holmes put up 37 points. Marco Battistessa will definitely have to step up this week and match Tae bucket for bucket.

Prediction: Generation Z by 7

See everyone tonight, good luck! 

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